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Food & Culture Singapore: Traditional Nyonya Kueh Making Workshop and Kueh Appreciation

Host Kim Choo Kueh Chang

$49.82 per guest

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2 hours

Group size

5 - 12 people

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Joo Chiat


At Kim Choo, we are renowned for our signature Rice Dumplings, which has been a part of Singapore’s diverse epicurean tapestry since 1945.
We have preserved its traditional rich taste and fragrance that is reminiscent of Nanyang till today - unyielding to the hands of time and untainted by modern influences.

In the same steadfast way, we continue to maintain and uplift the Peranakan culture of the Nanyang with our cooking classes and workshops, and are regularly features in the local and international media - we also had the privilege to be featured in the Martha Stewart Show.

In this 2-hour long Nyonya kueh appreciation session, you will be introduced to kueh (which can be bite-sized snacks or confections) and will learn to make traditional Nine-layer kueh and Ondeh Ondeh!

Nine-layer kueh, with its colourful layers of steamed glutinous goodness, is a nostalgic treat for many Singaporeans and the Ondeh Ondeh, a steamed glutinous ball filled with sweet gula Melaka, a popular dessert snack for all occasions.


In this hands-on kueh making class you will learn to prepare:
- Nine-Layer Kueh (a stramed glutinous delight with colourful layers)
- Ondeh Ondeh (steamed glutinous ball with sweet gula Melaka filling)

The kueh will be paired with Kim Choo's signature blue Butterfly Pea Tea.


This workshop will take place in Joo Chiat, a charming neighbourhood known for its heritage shophouses, quaint stores and plenty of fantastic local eateries.

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Kim Choo Kueh Chang

Kim Choo Kueh Chang

At Kim Choo, we are renowned for our signature Rice Dumplings which has been a part of Singapore’s


Sonia Arun

Sonia Arun

This is definitely the most unforgettable peranankan food I have ever had. Very impressed with the dishes that I tried in the restaurant. Every dish is yummy and with the right amount of chilli spice. I especially love the Chap Chye, Nonya Kueh and Tarts. I also tried the Chendol, which was smooth & delicious. Overall it was a great dinner. There was only one service staff on duty, and she was attentive and helpful and a lovely lady. Will definitely go back when I visit Singapore again.



Dumplings are to die for, fillings on the dumplings are pretty substantial. Nonya kueh done the good old fashion way.



Love those onde-onde. burst in mouth filling. best when they warm

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$49.82 per guest


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