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Home Dining

Vegetarian (vegan-optional, with advance notice) Dinner in Astoria, Queens (NYC)

Host Lynn

$28.75 per guest

At a glance

Start time

7:00 p.m.


3 hours

Group size

up to six diners

Class language

English, with the option for Spanish for hispano-parlantes


Hello everyone! I am looking forward to your potentially joining me and other diners at one of my upcoming Supper Club events!

I have been hosting parties and dinners for many years, and love doing so. I am a self-taught cook, and was first introduced to the amazing world of cooking and cuisine via Bon Appetit magazine, about 30 years ago. ;-)

As part of the dining and hosting experience, I also strive to create a 'homey' environment, where all guests are made to feel welcome and to have an enjoyable time.

NOTE: Host has two cats but keeps her home impeccably clean. Guests are asked not to interact with the cats during dinner, in order to ensure food quality is not compromised. The cats usually confine themselves to a separate room whenever there are visitors in the home. Event is located in a 3rd floor 'walkup' apartment (no elevator)


On February 16, 2019, I will be hosting a Vegetarian (vegan-optional, with advance notice provided) Dinner in my home. There will be a total of Six diners (including myself) at this meal. I am offering up four seats here on the Bonappetour website. (One person has already confirmed via another event/ticketing platform.)

For this meal I will be preparing the following dishes:

- Carrot Soup

- Slices of Orange Topped with Homemade Tapenade and Fennel Seed

- Brown Rice Stir Fry with Kale, Tofu, Egg, Cilantro, Ginger, Fresh Lime Juice and other flavorings. This is one of my all-time favorite incredibly delicious AND healthy!

- Dessert will be Strawberries Done Three Ways.

- Beverages (both alcoholic and non-) will be made available throughout the meal.

After dinner, everyone can join me on my rooftop where we can see some of the Manhattan skyline, some bridges, and airplanes making their descent to nearby La Guardia airport.


The event will occur in my NYC-sized apartment (i.e., 'small' ;-) ...and which is located in Astoria, Queens. Queens as a whole is a very diverse borough of NYC, and in 2015 Queens was voted the # 1 travel destination in the US, by 'Lonely Planet'. My neighborhood of Astoria is known for its Greek, Egyptian and Brazilian populations, among others.

Astoria is located 25 minutes from the Upper East side of Manhattan via subway.

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I work for a large consulting firm in Manhattan, and my job requires me to be very professional and

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$28.75 per guest

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