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Totem Post Supper Club

Host Beijaflor And Totem

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Welcome to the Totem Post Cooperative Tribe!!

The Totem Post is a virtual cooperative house, which resides in the hearts of many of us. It is become more of something to stand for. An edifice of love in action and service.

The Totem Post is intangible yet fully embraceable, feel familar?

We do not all live in the same house, yet like it or or not we live on the same ground and under the same sky, and we drink the same water for sure. Everything is our family. We are always home. We are always Tribe.

The Totem Post celebrates, heals and creates to reminds us of the truth of who we are. Then to help each other sustain this truth and unfold its rewards and manifestations right before our eyes. All three eyes.

We peer ahead without expectations at who we are at every ceremonial step on this fractal path of the wunderkind to uncovering the truth of our original state of our spiritual, physical and energetic health.

A cyclical journey indeed, yes?

We are honored to be on the road with you. Learning, sharing, singing, divining...

See you soon, and peace be with us please,



International fusion or damn good comfort food. We tend to buy ingredients and invent on the spot depending on you and your preferences.


Boulder, CO sits in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. One of the most beautiful towns with health-centered food conversations on every corner. We in Boulder love the outdoors. This neighborhood is in central Boulder in one of the most desirable condo neighborhoods sitting on 13 ancres of trees and next to an excellent park.

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Beijaflor And Totem

Beijaflor And Totem

Hello, we are Beijaflor & Totem! Beija loves as a cook and handyman; over 25 years, over 35

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$28.75 per guest


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