Vegetarian Dining in Milan: 6 Spots to Get Your Meatless Fix

Vegetarian Dining in Milan: 6 Spots to Get Your Meatless Fix

Where do the veggie lovers head to dine, when they traverse in the city of Milan?

1.  Arcobaleno Vegetariano

You know a restaurant dishes out delicious and authentic-tasting vegetarian fare when it is frequented by veggie-loving locals. At Arcobaleno Vegetarianoyou will find a range of vegan Italian dishes, all of which are freshly prepared with top-notch ingredients from local suppliers. The availability of gluten-free options means that different dietary needs and preferences are met. The food may not be fanciful, but Arcobaleno Vegetariano wins over a regular crowd with its wholesome, quality fare.


2. La Vecchia Latteria

Veggie-loving travellers in Duomo will not need to search high and low for meatless dining options – just head over to La Vecchia Latteria. Do not belie the eatery's casual setting and compact size, for it churns out a range of freshly prepared and mouthwatering fare. Dining here may be a bit of a squeeze, but the generous portions served means that diners will leave feeling well satisfied. 

3. Misunchi 

A variety of meatless fare makes Misunchi a lunchtime favourite with the veggie-loving crowd in Milan. You will find a  wide range of options present on the daily menu, ranging from savoury delights like the vegan lasagna, stuffed olives and focaccia, to sweet treats, like its renowned sacher vegan cake. Do note that Misunchi is only open for lunch on weekdays, so be sure to plan your visits accordingly! 

4. Universo Vegano

If you need your veggie fix on the go, make a stopover at Universo Vegano

This fast food vegan chain, featuring outlets in Milan and other cities within Italy, churns out a range of appetising quick-eats such as burgers, wraps, sandwiches, salads and focaccia. Only fresh ingredients without a single trace of animal derivatives are used in the preparation of food sold at its outlets, so vegan diners can rest assured that they are feasting on wholesome fare.   

5. Vala Banco e Cucina

You will find plenty of traditional Italian favourites on the daily menu at the family-run Vala Banco e Cucina. A good selection of vegan-friendly options, like the carbonara and cheesecake – keeps things interesting for vegan diners. The availability of gluten-free items makes this a suitable dining spot for diners with varying dietary needs and preferences, and an ever-changing daily menu and affordable prices keeps a regular crowd of locals coming back for more. 

6. Home-dining with the Locals

If tucking into a homecooked spread of healthy vegetarian fare floats your boat, take a shot at home-dining with the locals in Milan. Veggie-lovin' Serena will happily whip up a raw vegan dinner, while Alice will readily customise the menu of her traditional Italian dinner experience to make it vegetarian-friendly.

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