Cultural Festivals to Go Before You Die

Cultural Festivals to Go Before You Die

Imagine yourself toasting a cup of beer to another stranger, or dancing along the streets with hundreds of others? There are so many festivals in the world that do not restrict to only the locals, foreigners are welcome too!

1. Bastille Day, Paris

Just like July 4th in the US, France is decked out in red, white and blue, but instead of beer and backyard barbecues, this more formal celebration features decorated military, lush banquets and red wine. Across the world freedom is celebrated with a bang at Bastille Day, and on this night, The City of Light shines brighter than any. It’s an honor to eat in a French home on Bastille Day; do your best to ingratiate yourself with a local. The meal is typically light with lots of fruits and vegetables, quiches, and salads. The largest celebrations take place in Paris, but other events occur throughout France.

2. Carnevale di Ivrea, Ivrea Italy 

This is a festival that celebrates the event when commoners rise up against an oppressive ruler. At the Carnevale di Ivrea , however, the battle isn’t waged with guns and swords—oranges are the weapon of choice. Every year, the tiny northern city of Ivrea in the Turin province stockpiles 500,000 kilograms of fresh oranges for a re-creation of a historic fight between townsfolk and a ruling tyrant. Teams wage a full-on fruit war, and not even a red-capped declaration of sovereignty can protect you from getting juiced Carnival of Venice.

3. Carnevale di Venezia, Venice 

The original Carnival of Venice took place in 1162 to honor one of Venice’s victorious battles when the city was known as the “Repubblica della Serenissima”. To best understand Carnival of Venice, you need to understand the importance of the maschera or masks. The mask allowed citizens to behave wildly and adopt alter egos without the fear of social consequence. This Carnival takes place for the period leading up to Ash Wednesday in watery Venice, Italy.

4. Infiorata di Genrazno, Rome

Many Italian towns hold an Infiorata, a festival of flowers that trace their beginnings in Italy to the 13th century but the one in Genzano is possibly Italy’s largest and and certainly the most renowned. The official year of origin of the Genzano festival is 1778, when it was started to celebrate Corpus Christi (Latin for ”body of Christ”). It’s a high holy day in the Catholic church celebrating the Eucharist, perceived by Catholics as the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

5. Paris Techno Parade

Meet street music turned up to eleven: DJs, subwoofers, and sound-mixers sit atop decked-out flat bed trucks, which ply through a heaving sea of 400,000 people—mostly young, cool, and determined to live out loud. Parade participants are quick to point out the unifying spirit of the music, which despite its futuristic electro-sound, draws inspiration from tribal rhythms. “The beats are so loud they hit you in the stomach; the only thing you can do is obey them, and dance,” says one participant. The organizers have been keen to promote diversity, erase class and racial lines, and bring everyone into the same heartbeat.

Image Credits: Walks of Italy, Carnevale Di Venezia, Paris Saint Honore, Travelever, Wikipedia

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Honeymooners: Romantic Things to do on Holiday

Honeymooners: Romantic Things to do on Holiday

"Travel brings power and love back into your life."

Rumi, a 13th century Persian poet, once said that travelling and romance are never two separate entities. When you’re on your honeymoon, don’t give up the chance to travel and relax with your spouse. See the world, and understand the simple bliss in marriage and life.

Here are 5 romantic things that you can do on a holiday with your spouse:


This may sound a little tad cheesy, but have you ever actually got up early to watch the sun rise? Taking your honeymoon as the opportunity to do this will make it even more of a special experience. Remember to pack some food and wine before heading over to a beach. Or, you can always catch the beautiful golden sunrise from the Zattere to the Giudecca Canal. Watch as the sun colours the sky in tinges of vermillion and yellow when the day begins. The waters will amaze you when they turn from light blue to pale orange. Don’t miss this chance to watch the sun rise! 


What better excuse to enjoy the finer things in life than your honeymoon? Why not pamper yourselves with a meal in the classiest restaurant you can find? There are tons of fine dining restaurants that are have quiet music and a soft ambience in which you can enjoy a peaceful meal with your other half. Italy is filled with romantic restaurants available for dining. Amore restaurant near the Trevi fountain in Rome may just be the perfect place for you! “A Little Rome Romance” is what they pride themselves with. 


Sounds ridiculous? Ordering room service can actually be a small highlight of your trip. Imagine just lazing in the comfort and warmth of your blankets, with a pipping hot meal before you. It’s splendid. You can catch the morning news or watch some TV whilst spending quality time with your other half. You may just fulfil everyone’s dream of breakfast in bed!


Picnics are cliche in every sense, but they can be the most romantic thing to do if you’re filled with nothing but greenery and beautiful floras beneath a clear blue sky. Pack more sandwiches and a bottle of champagne and head down to the nearest park! If not there are plenty of beautiful parks in Europe that may just be the right place for you. Here’s a list of beautiful parks for you. 


Perhaps you can take an interesting turn in your choice for romantic things during your honeymoon. Cooking together can be one of the most intimate ways of bonding with your partner, and taking a private cooking class together can allow the two of you to be creative together and learn about each other's strengths. Private cooking classes do not have to cost a bomb with our BonAppetour hosts. Simona, our host in Rome, organises cooking classes where you can customise the menu together, cook and then dine together. There is a joy in creating something, and food is one of the best ways of creating, and that is all the better when you have an experienced chef to guide you along! Do consider making your honeymoon interesting and unique, different from mainstream romance. 

Start planning your honeymoon today and bring romance to the next level! 

Do check out our dining experiences in the most romantic cities in EuropeRome, Paris 

Image credits: Allisondavisphotography, Touradvisers

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Women Travellers: Travel Tips

Women Travellers: Travel Tips

Traveling with a group of girlfriends is the best feeling ever. Imagine running for buses and strolling through the designer streets of Italy. Everything can be fun but don’t forget to plan well and learn some tips for group travel! 

Here’s 5 basic tips for women travelling:

1. Save Emergency Contacts

In any situation and in any country, keep yourselves informed of the emergency contacts. It’s something really simple and important, yet neglected by most travellers. Here’s a list of contacts that may come in handy for you when you plan your trip with your friends! 

2. Don't Be Shy

Even though you may be travelling as a group, but don’t be shy. Speaking with other travellers or the locals is a great way to get some interesting travel tips. Hostels are a great way to meet new travellers, so make it a point to hang out at the lounge areas or the bar with your fellow hostel mates. Where possible, ask the locals for recommendations on where are the good places to eat, or which area of the neighbourhood should you go to. The receptionists at your hostel/hotel, your Airbnb hosts, the owner of the sandwich shop at the corner of the street or event the bartender at a nearby bar would definitely have some great tips. 

Immersive cultural experiences 

Make it a point to immerse yourself in cultural activites happening in that city. Food or street festivals like the Carivale in Venice or the San Giovanni festivals around Italy are occasions where the locals come out to celebrate, and joining in the celebrations can make you feel like a part of the city. Be careful of the large crowds though – and stick close together with your group. Apart from major festivals happening while you are there, try out dining with locals at their homes instead. Being invited to a dinner party at a local home is one of the most intimate ways of experiencing life from a local perspective, and of course, a great way to feast on local cuisines with your girlfriends as well. 

3. Do the Walking Tours

Italy may be a little huge and intimidating for some travellers, especially when you could have heard about the occurrences of con men/women that may be waiting for the perfect opportunity. But fear not, instead of joining a huge tour group that you may be stuck with the entire duration of your trip, you can always join the walking tours. Walking tours let you kill two birds with one stone, and it’s much safer, even for group of women. 

4. Manicures

Something that is second to shopping, girls always look out for beauty salon. Manicures are famous and prevalent in Italy, especially in Florence. Perhaps you might have heard of the horror stories about getting your nails done in Italy, where there are chances of ending up with bloody cuticles. But fear not, there are places in Florence, Italy that serve customers well and leave you satisfied with perfect nails! Istituto di Bellezza Genny brings you a soothing and relaxing manicure! 

5. Shopping

Chain Stores and Mainstream Shopping in Rome
Via del Corso, and the streets that radiate from it, is the most obvious shopping area. The mile-long street which runs from Piazza Venezia to Piazza del Popolo has a range of afforadble shops, including the Ferrari flagship store, numerous shoe stores, popular fashion brands like Diesel and Benetton.

Going out with a group of girls, this is something that can never be missed out. Yes, it’s shopping! Here’s a list of areas to shop, from high end to mainsteam to flea markets in Rome.

Looking for High Fashion in Rome?

Some of the biggest names in Italian fashion – Fendi, Valentino, Bulgari – hail from Rome and you will find their flagship stores, as well as boutiques by Prada, Armani, Versace, Ferragamo, Cavalli, Gucci, and many others, along the grid of streets near the Spanish Steps

Flea Markets
There are several good outdoor markets, flea markets, and places to buy antiques in Rome. Porta Portese, which operates on Sundays from 7am until 1pm, is the most important flea market in Rome and is one of the largest flea markets in Europe. At Porta Portese, you’ll find everything from antique housewares to secondhand clothing and music to original art, jewelry, posters, furniture, etc. It is the perfect place to find random trinkets with your friends and bring them all home!

Image credits: Backroads, Fleamarketinsiders, Newswire,, Blogthecoverage

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