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A Roman experience in the flavorful neighborhood of Trastevere

Host Barbara

$22.32 per guest


I would like you to have a taste of authentic Roman cuisine. There are many good restaurants in Rome, but as you know, the tradition of Italian and Roman cuisine born in the kitchens of the women, who are involved in the search for better and fresher ingredients and meat, and especially the love that we put into the preparation of the dishes.


We will start off with an aperitif of Roman pretzels and tidbits

Antipasto (Starters):
Crostini di cirioletta (Typical home made bread from Rome)
with Butter and anchovies
Roman style broccoli and olives
Tuna and anchovies

Primo piatto (First course):
Rigatoni alla carbonara con guanciale e pecorino a Km 0 (Rigatoni carbonara pasta with bacon and pecorino cheese - produced locally)

Secondo (Second course):
Polpette di carne al sugo, preparate con l'antica ricetta romana (Meatballs with sauce, an ancient Roman recipe)
Cicoria ripassata in padella aglio, olio e peperoncino (Green vegerables sautéd in garlic, oil and hot pepper)
Patate al forno (Baked potatoes)

Crostata di ricotta e visciole alla giudia (Ricotta tart and sour cherries)
Vino bianco di frascati (Frascati white wine)
Acqua minerale (Mineral water)
Caffè e digestivo (Coffee and digestive)


My house is located just steps from the Janiculum, close to Trastevere, the flavourful neighbourhood in Rome. We are in a quiet residential neighborhood in the center of Rome.

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I love the Traditional Roman cuisine. I love making bread, pizza of all types with long rising and

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$22.32 per guest


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