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A Localvores Guide to Sin City - FOODIE TOURS

Host Anand And Chef Mason

$138.00 per guest


Vegas is not just about Sin and Games. While many do come here for the debauchery and drama, we know that Las Vegas has a flip side that is just as extreme… We call it the YIN to the YANG of Sin City and it includes world Class hiking, spas, food and wine. Let us put together a custom plan for you to learn about all of the great local food and slow food options available in Las Vegas. AVOID THE TOURIST and substandard CRAP and let us show you where the 5 STAR treasures truly are.

* Tour the Downtown Summerlin Farmer's Market and we will introduce you to our favorite local cottage food industry producers.
* Visit a Vegas Farm and meet the free range ducks and chickens who lay your eggs.
* Have a meal at one of our favorite locally owned vegetarian restaurants and let us introduce you to our chef/owner friends.
* Learn about the Zagat rated restaurant where our friend who owns a winery in Napa always goes to sample the wine list. (hint - it is NOT on the Strip!)
* Take our famous casino stair circuit class and finish at our favorite bakery that only uses real butter and sugar in their croissants (no artificial ingredients).
* Meet the barristas at our top locally owned coffee houses or eat and Shop at an artisan café that serves a variety of fresh micro-greens and edible flowers. Whatever it is that excites you gastronomically, we can help you find it.

It is our good pleasure to show you WHY we moved from California specifically to Vegas to make it our Gourmet Home!
Initial consultation is $120 for a 2 hour hosted tour. Additional hourly rates and guided tours are available. Does not include actual cost of food.


In addition to food, let us share with about our favorite and lesser-known off-the-beaten path nature spots from a year-round fresh-water spring high in the pine trees to a Goddess Temple near Area 51 to the hottest springs that fill up your tub overlooking a desert marsh. And don’t waste your time on a “grade B” experience, let us show you the best of breed spas in town. Imagine having a personal concierge who has traveled the world and knows the "really good stuff" when we find it. While we specialize in vegetarian, vegan and raw food travel, we can also steer you to the best chefs and establishments that will serve you the free-range and grass-fed meats that you demand, along with other high-end ingredients.


We host these classes at WholeWay Home.
Look us up if you are needing a unique healthy place to stay in Las Vegas. Quiet, Clean, Holistic Healthy Lifestyle home. HISTORIC CORE Downtown Las Vegas 1950s architecture garden duplex close to Las Vegas Strip and Convention Center.
WORLDS away in vibe.

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Anand And Chef Mason

Anand And Chef Mason

We are originally from the City of Angels and now we are in Las Vegas... which is FILLED with

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$138.00 per guest

Las Vegas

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