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Gastronomical adventure & Art appreciation in the countryside of Barcelona

Host Montse

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Let us visit a different side of Catalunya by venturing outside of Barcelona to a beautiful beach town, named Mataro. Just a 30 minutes train or bus ride, you will reach this town, and I will greet you at the station, and show you a tour of the different hidden gems and beautiful locations like the Gaudi´s first architectural creation, or the caves or strolling around the remains from the Medieval times. Through this brief walk, we can see the changes of different time periods, starting from the first century AD, where we can see the Ibers period, through the Roman period, through the Renaissance, Baroque, and Modernism times have built up in this beautiful town.

I will then invite you to my house, dining table and kitchen, where I want to introduce you to the different and rich flavours of Catalan cuisine, as I also enjoy experimenting with different recipes inherited from my grandmother, and I really love cooking and meeting new people. I try to create flavors that explode in your mouth, and give different tastes that appeal to your different senses and taste buds.

Together with this dining experience, I will also introduce you to the artistic side of our culture, be it through some dance, or music.


For the dining experience, the menu will vary depènding on the season for us to get the best flavours of the fresh ingredients. Just to give you an example of what I can prepare:

Appetizer: Dates with mascapone and walnuts, and marinated salmon roll with cucumbers, and leek, and other seasonal vegetables with a special dressing.

Main Course: Juicy rice that is similar to Paella, except with richer flavours coming from the seafood and its broth (OR) duck with pears, (OR) Bacalao with "pimientos del piquillo", which is sauteed cod with pimientos pepper (OR) "fricando", which is stewed veal with special mushrooms... and many more (Just message me for further ideas, or special requests or preferences)

Dessert: my handmade sorbet made with wildberries, cognac and vanilla (OR) handmade tiramisu (OR) citrus lemon cream a la Catalana (OR) pears with wine (OR) chocolate truffles


My house is located in the heart of Mataro, which is a beach town just 30 minutes ride from Barcelona. In this town, there are many wonderful sceneries, such as the beach and its harbour, and also the medieval parts, that will make you feel relaxed, and feel different than the busy Barcelona.

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My name is Montse and I like to put together all the things I love : Art, gastronomy, languages,

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$69.74 per guest


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