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Multicultural Dining Experience in a cool Sydney suburb

Host Trang

$11.97 per guest


It's all about sharing and enjoying good food with cool people.
It's about sharing a passion with people who are willing to receive and discover what it is to be obsessed by good food and social cooking!
It's about a place that it feels like being at mum's place... because on sundays and big occasions that is where we all gather to spend a great time.


It's al about the tapas, sushis, quiches, croissants, wagyu, beans, pasta, ramen, dumpling, fajitas and whatever you can think of!
It's about the inspiration of the day and what's in the fridge!
It's about never eating the same thing twice!


Restored murals depicting Redfern's roots and Sydney's indigenous inhabitants stand alongside boot repair shops, barbershops, and burgeoning coffee shops. A tender mix of crumbling walls and creative community preservation, this inner Sydney neighbourhood weaves coarse threads into rich tapestries. Unlike neighbouring Surry Hills, Redfern’s style is scrappy—whether it's redefining the look of public housing or renovating the second stories of its live-work terraces, Redfern's evolution is in the everyday.

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French-Vietnamese chick who migrated to Australia 6 years ago and now calls Sydney home. Has

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$11.97 per guest


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