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..........................Dinner - Saturday, Sunday & Special holidays Lunch on Sunday


2 hrs

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2 to 6

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English Hindi

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"There is something profoundly satisfying about sharing a meal. Eating together, breaking bread together, is one of the oldest and most fundamentally unifying of human experiences." - Barbara Coloroso

Missing the old world charm of having people over for a meal is now replaced with ever mushrooming eat out options, nuclear families and cyber friends. However, with passing time, evolution and trends in food & cuisine cannot be overlooked. We have relished all the appreciation and encouragement for our new menus by our friends invited over to our place number of times. Additionally, years of experience working as a culinary consultant with various eateries back in India, we have always felt something missing. We realized no matter how good the recipe is, the magic of food is lost somewhere in commercial kitchens.

Our move to Sydney with its lovely weather and community has rekindled our passion for cooking and sharing meal with known and unknown people. So here we are, embarking on a new journey to do our best, to balance our love for vintage times with modern evolution in food and having a great time.

With some curated recipes, a few of them purists, rest developed personally to give a touch of fusion, we will be coming up with various appealing combinations to tantalize your taste buds.

So if you enjoy the old world charm of home atmosphere, coupled with home cooked meal, then hop on to our wagon and have an exclusive dining experience.

Let's weave a fabric of food memories together!
check out my youtube link to get a peek of experience


Our menu is a modern take on traditional flavours offered in individually plated courses. I can whip up whatever I fancy! Inspirations coming from recipe books, food channels, internet and family and friends' recommendations.

My real strength is family recipes passed down by my mom and granny, which brings me nostalgia and takes me back to where I come from. But I like to have a modern uptake on plating and combining it with various global flavours.

Menu will include vegetarian dishes with some traditional Indian food and some personally developed recipes with a touch of fusion. And various interesting global cuisine-combinations like our take on French, Mexican, Lebanese, Italian, Continental, Creole, Indo-Chinese etc. We will be listing our dishes for upcoming events from time to time with interesting themes.

Menu for upcoming events:

Welcome drink -
1.Rose Lemonade.
A delicate Indian summer cooler with a twist of lime.

Nibbles- surprise!!

1.Blue-cheese Naan bites
Bite sized naans(Indian bread) oozing with blue cheese.

2.Pinwheel samosas:
Deconstructed samosa(fusion take on traditional indian samosas) -Flaky pastry filled with Indian spiced potatoes and peas filling.

Main Course
1. Palak Paneer Lasagna
Two traditional dishes - lasgna and palak paneer concocted into one by fusing the Indian flavoured cottage cheese and spinach sauce
into the Italian Lasgna.

2. Kumbh Chilgoza Pulao
Fragrant rice pilaf with mushrooms and pine nut

3. Firangi Subz Butter Masala
Melody of vegetables(broccoli, corn, bell pepper, zucchini, mange-tout) in buttery tomato gravy

1. Masala Chai pannacotta -Traditional pannacotta flavoured with famous Indian beverage – chai and some orange cardamom sauce

And a surprise in between!


We are centrally located in Parramatta, Sydney with a lovely river view and a cozy ambience.

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Deki Bhutia

Deki Bhutia


Indian fine dining at its best!! An evening at Anubha’s place will change your mind about Indian food forever. Anubha’s passion for her Indo western fusion creation is worth every penny you will ever spend . You will love every dish served on your platter . You will savour every bite , each of them is a pure delight and the taste stays with you long after you have left her beautiful home. Her supportive better half is the perfect host. His snippets on how he was introduced to vegetarian cuisine after he met Anubha solidifies her passion and her culinary skills , which is a perfect amalgamation of heaven on your plate. Her menu is a sheer genius with elements of surprise with every course. Book now and use the link below to get a discount :)



from Sydney

Great Family serving Great Food with Great Grace - wonderful experience - Wishing them a Great Future - Guru / Sharadha / Fly


Rohan Bhate

Rohan Bhate

from Sydney NSW

We had a great time at Jatin and Anubhas place, treated to a delectable cuisine and both were super hosts! The whole experience was personal, and we were really well taken care of.... The food was home cooked by Anubha, multi course (I lost count :-)), we savored the food in spite of being hard core non-vegetarian...this experience is a must to have and I am sure anyone doing through this will not regret it!! Thanks Jatin Anubha, we will definitely be back again!

Anita Shinde

Anita Shinde

from Hyderabad

Anubha is an excellent cook , chef , host , u name it and she has it all! I have know her for almost 2 decades now and can't praise her enough , her passion for food, her continious experiments with food, various ingredient s, health aspects in every dish she serves. She not only excels at Indian food but is also great at fusion food . Finally she is serving her passion on a plate . Best of luck and hugs ...Anita



from Hyderabad

Anubha, Jatin and their sweet daughter, Naveli played perfect hosts during the wonderful evening spent at their cozy and aesthetically decorated home . The welcome drink was refreshing and the surprise starter was a treat to the taste buds. All the courses that followed were beautifully plated, perfect in portions and simply delectable! The unique fusion of Indian and western cuisine makes Anubha’s recipes stand out from the regular fare. The Paan drink , Naan bites, Rice and Chai Panacotta were my personal favourites. Anubha and Jatin and extremely warm and welcoming people. It was truly a wonderful experience and we look forward to visiting again.



from Sydney

It was a delight to be Anubha's guest. A combination of amazing taste and great presentation skill. It was no less than fine dine experience of any expensive restaurant , what made it better was the coziness of home. Anubha's interior is soulful just like her food. My personal favorite about her cooking is , its vegetarian and so delicious that you would want to leave meat . Masala chai panacotta was heaven , for experience of such food i would definitely be visiting @Anubha again.



from Singapore

Anubha is my very own Version of Nigella of a different class and character! I love the way she turns simple ingredients into a classy dish with her own twist. Her food is definitely gourmet and cooked with a heart and soul. Along with this she also offers an ambience that is truly an experience to cherish. I would highly recommend anyone who appreciates food and good company to be her guest ! She also has an adorable family that will give you company with their simple cheer,laughter and stories that will appeal to you...... You will love it all..... Thank you Anubha for having us as your guests!

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$27.63 per guest


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