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A Culinary Experience with Teas by Monsoon Tea

Host Shii Hua

$30.86 per guest

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Start time

Wed, 7pm - 9.30pm


2.5 hours

Group size

up to 20 people

Class language


Meeting point

Parchmen Academy of Coffee and Tea, near Lorong Chuan


Are you a tea lover? Join us on a sustainable tea journey with a 3 course dining experience paired with the delicious teas.

Tea is well known for it's numerous health benefits from many studies. Many do not know that tea leaves can be eaten. You will learn about the delights of tea with food at this exclusive dinner presented by Monsoon Tea together with the chefs from SunRay Cafe.

Monsoon Tea dedicated to the agriculture of sustainable teas and sources tea leaves from tribal farmers who live on the hills of Northern Thailand. These farmers have age-old Miang (fermented tea leaves) plantations or access to wild tea trees, and have been growing tea leaves for years. A lifestyle staple to the indigenous people and hill tribes of Northern Thailand, Miang (fermented tea leaves) is consumed regularly as a delicious snack or salad. It is believed that Miang gives them energy, makes them younger and is beneficial to their health since it is packed with antioxidants.

Learn more about their sustainable teas with tea master and founder of Monsoon Tea Kenneth Rimdahl at this dinner event. The dinner will be held at a private space at the Parchmen Academy of Coffee and Tea located at the Lorong Chuan area.


Teas can bring out the taste of the food if paired well, and vice versa.

This 3-course dinner with tea pairings is prepared by chefs from SunRay Cafe, a tea and coffee specialty cafe.
The Starter and Main Course will feature dishes cooked with tea leaves, and of course there will be Dessert.
You will also get to enjoy 4 teas from Monsoon Tea.


Parchmen Academy of Coffee and Tea
71 Brighton Crescent Singapore 559214

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$30.86 per guest


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