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Cooking Classes

Japanese home-made cooking class in Osaka with a Local

Host Yoshiko

$42.05 per guest


Japanese cuisine is very well known worldwide. It is regarded as one of the most healthy and tasty cuisines. However there are popular and everyday Japanese dishes that can be easily prepared, which are not served at restaurants. I want to teach you the authentic food that Japanese people eat every day, that you can easily prepare once you are back in your country! After preparing our meal, we can eat together and enjoy a cross cultural conversation over our Japanese homemade dishes.

If you have free time during your visit to the famous sightseeing places, such as Kyoto, Osaka, and Nara, why don't you spare one day for a Japanese cooking experience?!


The menu will change according to the season, but you can choose which menu you would like to try:

A) Mother’s taste

Grilled a fillet of slightly salted Salmon with pieces of Rolled Omelet
Simmered Chicken and Vegetables
Seasoned Spinach and pieces of fish paste
Chilled Tofu with Dried Bonito flakes
Soup with Sliced Deep-Fried Tofu and Green Onion
Rice with Japanese Pickle (Umeboshi)

B) Making a packed lunch (Bento)

Rice balls
Japanese omelet
Teriyaki chicken or Roasted fish
Seasonal vegetable boiled and seasoned
Sliced steamed fish paste

C) Okonomiyaki “as you like" it Japanese style pancakes and some side dishes

Okonomiyaki is an omelet-like, Japanese style pancake consisting of thinly sliced cabbage, green onion, and pork-belly topped with a BBQ-like sauce and mayonnaise.
*Many Variations are possible:Shrimp, squid, cheese, etc, can be added to okonomiyaki.

Rolled omelet with spinach and Kanikamaboko (imitated crab meat)
Sliced turnip, broccoli, persimmon with Miso and mayonnaise sauce
Spicy Edamame (Green-soy beans)
Asparagus seasoned with Shiradashi (Dashi with soy sauce)
Okonomiyaki (As you like it “Pancake”)

D) Gyoza and some side dishes

Grilled Gyoza
Tofu gratin
Fried green peppers with dried young sardine
Marinated whole tomato with sweet vinegar
Japanese rolled omelet


The nearest station is Kawanishi Noseguchi station (Hankyu Takarazuka line) or Kawanishi Ikeda station ( JR Takarazuka line).

There are many sights and tourist spots in Kawanishi, for example Tada Shrine (多田神社)
Manganji Temple (満願寺) or Inagawa Keikoku Prefectural Natural Park

I will drive you to and from my house to the nearest station.

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I have been a volunteer tour guide for aitaijapan – Association for Independent Tourist Assistance


Sue Flewell-Smith

Sue Flewell-Smith


Amazing experience with Yoshiko!! The lunch Yoshiko taught us to prepare was truly amazing! Some of the best food we have eaten in Japan. No one else’s gyoza can compare. Thank you for an unforgettable experience and the most amazing recipes we can now cook for our families and friends back home in Australia. Sue and Christine



from Manila

I absolutely enjoyed my morning with Yoshiko-san. First of all, she made a seemingly complicated trip to her home train station very simple and easy to follow. We found each other at the train station almost immediately. Yoshiko is fluent in English so we had no language barrier whatsoever. Her dishes are delicious and simple enough to follow! I love as well how she imparts her own twist on things. Like her tofu gratin. Ask her about the tofu gratin! The next time I am in the area I would love to reconnect and take Yoshiko-san's other classes. Highly recommended. Thank you, Yoshiko-san!

Scott MacLeod

Scott MacLeod

from Edmonton

My wife and I had a private two person bento cooking class with Yoshiko. It was an absolute highlight of our trip to Japan! Yoshiko did a wonderful job at explaining the various specific Japanese ingredients and she was very thorough in explaining any techniques we needed to know. She was so welcoming, kind, warm and polite. We loved being able to have a conversation with her as we ate our excellent meal. We have zero regrets on booking this experience. You will leave feeling very full, satisfied and like you had a real local experience in Japan.



from Pulau Pinang

Yoshiko san was very friendly, caring, and detail oriented. We had fun cooking with her, and no doubt the meal was very delicious. I was so excited the moment I saw my egg roll, simply amazing! Love the main dish (grilled fish + garnish radish). I want to cook again if I have the chance to do so. We chit chat over the lunch session, and we talked about different cultures too.



from Singapore

The cooking and lunch-sharing with Host Yoshiko was a wonderful experience! Firstly, Yoshiko was very kind and patient with me. I was confused by the Osaka railway stops and was almost half an hour late! However, Yoshiko was very forgiving and understanding. She waited patiently near the appointed station, and drove me to her lovely home. The kitchen was neat and well-kept. She made me feel at home. After some good introduction, she started by sharing with me the important sauces and ingredients in Japanese cooking. She even taught me how to boil the Daishi, a basic Japanese soup stock. Now I know why Japanese dishes are so tasty! There were 7 dishes to cook, but Yoshiko managed the time very well, cooking them all at the same time. And of course, I had to do it hands-on with the cutting, cooking and garnishing. I really learnt a lot, especially in terms of the method of cooking and managing time efficiently in the kitchen. And when it came to tucking in at the food, I felt a sense of achievement! It was really a sumptuous feast despite it being simple home-cooked dishes. Yoshiko even offered me persimmon as dessert. I was so impressed by her hospitality. We chatted quite a lot and I think it was a great cultural exchange. We exchanged parting gifts after that. I will highly recommend to attend her cooking class-cum-lunch session. Thank you so much, Yoshiko!

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$42.05 per guest


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