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Best Ever Traditional Corzetti & Gnocchi Handmade Pasta Experience in Florence

Host MaMa

$121.30 per guest

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Start time

from 10:00am or from 5:00pm, daily


4 hours

Group size

1 to 20 people

Class language

English and/or italian

Meeting point

MaMa Florence coking school


If you love fresh Italian handmade pasta, and want to learn ancient traditions re-interpreted with a modern touch, then this is the experience for you!

Get ready to use your hands to create delicious dishes with us! During the class, your young and friendly chef will interweave culinary stories and history into a fascinating lesson as you learn to create both beautiful and delicious pasta shapes.

Your first pasta is also the most unique: the Corzetti. This thin, round, coin-shaped pasta is turned into a work of art when given an embossed decoration using a special wooden hand-tool. The embossing is more than just decoration, as it helps the pasta to hold its sauce better (although they are so pretty, you might not want to eat them!). This traditional Ligurian pasta shape can still be purchased in the historic pasta shops found in the center of the port town of Genoa, created using the original tools and methods dating back centuries.

Next up is the gnocchi - a very popular and widely available pasta that has its origins in many different Italian regions. It can be made using an incredible array of ingredients from simple potatoes or flour to ricotta, eggs, spices and more depending on the various recipes. Your chef will introduce you to his favourite recipe as well as show you the method he uses to create each gnocchi dumpling. The gnocchi can be various shapes and sizes from square-ish and small to oval, plump and large.

And of course, no pasta class would be complete without learning how to pair your pasta shapes with the right pasta sauce, a challenge that Italians take very seriously! Your chef will introduce you to several sauces that have been selected to optimize the pasta shapes learned during the class.
Buon appetito!


The menu of the day will composed of:
- Seasonal Appetizer
- Corzetti handmade pasta
- Gnocchi handmade pasta
- One or two additional handmade pasta shapes, at chef's recommendation
- Fresh sauces to match each pasta shape
- Seasonal Dessert


About MaMa Florence:
MaMa Florence is located within the historic city center of Florence but out of the pedestrian area and is easily reachable either via public transportation or on foot from the other areas in Florence.
MaMa is a top cooking and wine school that brings together learning, fun and conviviality in a meaningful and relaxed environment. At MaMa one can learn during a class with home cooks and chefs of incredible skill and even international acclaim who interweave their professional skill, knowledge and culture with the art of daily practice and desire to nourish with love. The warm, welcoming atmosphere of the school recreates the feeling of an informal and inviting home and hearth. It is a place to discover the meaning and pleasure of two of the most simple yet important daily activities: cooking and eating. It is comprised of two floors of 75 sq meters each, a charming internal courtyard, an amazing state-of-the-art kitchen and a welcoming and knowledgeable bilingual staff.

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$121.30 per guest


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