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Chicago, Illinois

English; Mandarin Chinese

#martial arts

I'm only a recent graduate from Northwestern University. My original intention was to enroll in law school upon finishing my degrees but then I discovered food and cuisine. It's a long story, so come by sometime and I'll spare you the essay here, but I became obsessed to the point where I sought out a position at some of the best trestaurants in the city - Everest, Blackbird, and Alinea among them - and looked to work as a cook. For the last year and a half, I've been working in the kitchen at The Everest coming in as a beginner and leaving a chef de partie. I still have much to learn and I think my food is a reflection of that. There are imperfections and to anyone who's been in the industry my inexperience will be immediately obvious. I try to keep the flavors and the technique as genuine and classic as possible but with one unexpected element thrown in, partially to surprise my guests a bit and partially to help myself discover more as a young cook.

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Chicago, Illinois

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