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Lawyer turned chef, I am a self-proclaimed foodie and an advocate of all things healthy and sustainable. After relocating to Beijing a few years ago, I was able to rediscover my true passion, cooking, and pursue it professionally. Born into a family of great cooks, I have been exposed to the art of vegetarian cooking at a young age and picked up many family secrets along the way, but I constantly reinvent my style to keep things fresh and modern. My niche is healthy vegetarian food panning all styles - Asian street food to modern Western cuisine - and my goal is to disprove the myth that vegetarian food is boring. The dishes I create are bursting with flavour and tantalising to even the most extreme of carnivores. I have a diploma in vegetarian cuisine from Cordon Vert Cookery School in the U.K. which has given me an added dimension to my creative cooking. I invite you to come join me to learn more about vegetarian cooking and a session of fun!

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