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Kyoto Night Food Tour

Host Arigato

$187.05 per guest

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Meeting Time: 4:45pm Start Time 5:00 pm End Time 8:00 pm Everyday (Mon – Sat)


3 hours

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Meet Up Point at the 1st Floor of Starbucks at The Old Kyoto Gion Hotel


Tour Highlights:
Starting in Kamogawa, stroll through the night streets amongst the many passersby to fully appreciate and feel the life of the city. Cross the Kamogawa bridge and enjoy the endless terraces along the Kamogawa river filled with the faithful patrons that populate them every night.
Enter Gion, the home of many geisha and traditional tea houses, after crossing the Kamogawa bridge. Enjoy the most unforgettable Kaiseki meal of your life.


Starting in Kamogawa, stroll with your guide along the local streets as you head toward the Kamogawa River with some possible seasonal food stops along the way. Along the river you will see the many Japanese locals sitting on Kamogawa yuka noryo (terraces along the water) enjoying their evening.

From Kamogawa, we venture into the Pontocho area, an area which has been home to Geishas since the 1500s. We are often lucky to catch a glimpse of them scampering between teahouses in their zori sandals and illuminating kimonos. Pontocho is known for its many bars, restaurants and machiya (teahouses) in the area.

Not long after our time in Pontocho, we will be in historical Gion, the most prominent entertainment district and Kyoto’s center of traditional arts. Gion is clad with old wooden buildings, teahouses and very exclusive Japanese restaurants, mostly by invitation only. Your guide will tell you stories about this very exquisite part of Tokyo along the way.


Kamogawa, Gion, Pontocho Geisha area

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I have traveled in more than 30 countries and joined so many cooking classes everywhere. As far as I




from Singapore

I had an amazing experience with my host Naoko-sensei. She was patient, sincere, and knew so much about the Japanese culture and cuisine, that I learnt so much about Tokyo in this 3 hour session than I had expected. It was my first time learning to make sushi, and Naoko-sensei made the whole experience so much fun - she saved our Maki sushi from breaking apart with her skilled fingers, while encouraging us and making us feel so accomplished at the same time. By the end of the lesson, Naoki Sensei had us feeling like we too could become sushi chefs! She told us interesting secrets about the ingredients used in the Japanese cuisine, and how they affect the final taste. At the end of the session, we sat down to enjoy the fruits of our labor - the sushi. Over lunch, Naoko-sensei told us about her childhood, her family, and we exchanged travel stories - the conversations over delicious Japanese food made us feel like we had made a friend in a new city. Many thanks to Anne from Arigato for giving us this experience - a little a piece of Tokyo which we were allowed to bring home to our family and friends! Read more here:

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