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Dinner of the Sea

Host Marcello

$109.25 per guest


Seafood is everyone's favourite! My family has been experts in seafood for centuries, and my grandmother used to whip up a delicious feast with seafood for me when I was just a little boy. Hence, I grew up with the experience that cooking is a form of art and we should always use fresh ingredients to bring the best to the table. I personally like seafood, especially those sold by the sea when the fishermen are back from their daily fishing!

If you book a meal with me, I'm please to say that I will offer fresh seafood in the following dishes:
- Seafood appetizer (clams, seafood salad, mussels, prawns).
- Risotto with scampi sauce or fettuccine with olives and salmon.
- Swordfish or fried fish.
- Potatoes and Salad.
- Beverages such as water and 0.5 litres of white or red wine of the guest's choice (we can have coffee together as well if you're not comfortable with alcohol!)
- Lemon cake or chocolate cake or tart jam

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My name is Marcello I'm 27 years old and I from Terracina, Italy. I love to cook and being with

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$109.25 per guest


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