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Cooking Classes

Marie's Daily Japanese cooking class in Gyotoku

Host Marie

$63.25 per guest


Come and learn real Japanese food with me and my family in a local Tokyo neighborhood.
I have a lot of experience with welcoming international Guests as a hostmother.
I love to do that sort of cultural exchange. If you are coming with family I am sure my 2 children will love that! The children can play together, or even cook!
Please feel free to email me before booking with any questions.


All the Ingredients, Recipes, Drinks, Rental apron are included.
1 Main, 1 side dish, 1 desart, rice and Miso soup.
You will be able to learn some local Japanese Daily foods!

Main(please choose 1)
-Sushi/ Vegetarian Sushi
-Japanese Curry
-Oyako-Don (Eggs and Chikin on Rice)
-Ginger Pork
-Salmon and Vegetable in Foil

Side(please choose 1)
-Hijiki ( sea weed, carrot, tofu)
-kiriboshi Daikon (dried radish and tofu)

Miso soup (please choose 1)
-Wakame(sea wead)
-Tofu (Tohu, leak)
-Tonjiru (pork, Japanese radish, carrot, Onion etc)

-Shiratama shiruko (sweet redbeens paste with rice paste)


We live in east side of Tokyo. a residential, suburban area, it is a quiet place where you can see how the Japanese live. You can see a lot of Temples and Shrines. Gyotoku is an old city.

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I'm doing hostfamily in my house. I and grandmma cook Japanese foods everyday for guests. We love

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$63.25 per guest


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