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Learn to make udon noodles by hand

Host Masako 

$54.85 per guest

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3 hours

Group size

1 to 6

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Meeting point

Tobu Hikifune Station


First, I'll welcome you with Japanese green tea. Then, I will write your name in Japanese calligraphy—I like to make memories of Japan that make visitors feel happy and welcome. Hospitality is at the heart of many Japanese people, so I will offer you gifts. Then we'll make teuchi udon—handmade noodles. Each country has its own noodles—for example, Italian pasta, Vietnamese pho, and so on. Japanese also have typical noodles—udon and soba are very popular. It's a real pleasure to make delicious udon noodles by hand. You will also learn about dashi—traditional soup stock for Japanese cuisine. Then it will be time to eat, followed by matcha—Japanese green tea.


What you will experience
1. Welcome japanese green tea.
2. I will write your name by japanese Calligraphy
I'd like to make memories of Japan that makes foreigners who are acquainted with each other happy.
This will be the heart of many Japanese people, the heart of hospitality.
So I will introduce gifts for you.
3. Let's make Teuchi UDON: handmade noodles
Each country has its own noodles cooking, for example Italian pasta, Vietnamese noodles 'Pho-' and etc. And also Japanese typical noodles, 'Udon ' and 'Soba' are very popular.
It's real pleasure and deliciousness in making handmade Udon, though its length and thickness are disparate!
Today, we taste 'Kamaage-udon', served in the pot with dipping sauce (we make Udon from scratch) and Japanese omelet (TamagoYaki).
4. Learn about dashi (soup stock for Japanese cuisine)
5. Eat time
6. End class


Located on the opposite bank of the Sumida-gawa from Asakusa, Mukojima has more chaya (tea houses where geisha work) than any other place in Tokyo! It was a very famous geisha district, we hope you enjoy walking around our neighborhood, and it is very easy to get to the famous Tokyo Skytree after your class!

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We would like to open our classes because we want you to see the atmospheric streets of Mukojima

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