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Thanksgiving Dinner in New York City - 24 November, 2016 (Sold Out)

Host Lynn

$46.00 per guest


Sorry but this event is now Sold Out. For those confirmed to attend, here's some info on the other exciting guests....

We have a Greek-American man (friend of mine) who lives in Astoria, Queens...

A woman from Norway (also a friend of mine) who now lives in the Bronx...

A husband and wife from the Netherlands. It's their 4 visit to NYC but it will be their 1st time experiencing Thanksgiving dinner in someone's home. (The husband is surprising his wife with this dinner! I assume she probably just thinks they are going out to dinner at a restaurant... ;-)

Two men originally from Texas are also joining us. One lives in Midtown Manhattan and is a design consultant who enjoys drawing, writing, and competitive strategy video games. The other is a freelance software developer living in the East Village section of Manhattan, who enjoys running, climbing, hiking and good food (BBQ and Tacos!)

A man who moved to NYC from San Francisco three months ago, for a new job with an advertising tech company. He has lived on four continents, and enjoys stand-up comedy, travel, museums and history.

I'm super excited for this awesome bunch of guests we now have for my dinner!!

You can follow my meal preparation progress on my Instagram Page!


NOTE: In order to allow for as many diners as possible, the seating for this event will be 'open' or casual style, meaning that all diners will sit on chairs or couch-seating in my apartment's living space. There will be no formal dining table around which we will dine. Food will be served buffet-style, and then everyone can take a seat and dine while holding their plate on their lap.

Also note that I have Two Cats, but am fastidious about keeping my home clean and not having the cats interfere with my food preparation or cooking.

Home is located in a 3rd floor walk-up apartment (no elevator).


Following is the menu, which may change, but only very slightly:

(everything served Buffet-style):

- Turkey with Homemade Gravy Sauce (NOTE: because I live alone, I am unable to prepare a whole entire turkey. I tried it once...very difficult to physically manage without assistance. ;-) Instead, I will prepare turkey breast and legs.)

- Baked Mashed Potato Dish with Sour Cream and Topped with Golden Bread Crumbs

- Baked Kabocha Squash

- Stuffing

- Whole Cranberry Sauce with Orange Essence

- Green Bean Salad

- Brussel Sprouts with Toasted Hazelnut and Pancetta

- Dinner Rolls

Beverage: Warm Spiced Apple Cider (those who desire beer or wine should feel welcome to bring their own to the dinner)

Dessert: Pumpkin Pie with Bourbon-Spiked Fresh Whipped Cream

After-Dinner Beverage: Along with the Dessert I will have Various Digestives to Offer, Such as Grand Marnier, Ice Wine and Cream Sherry


The event will occur in my NYC-sized apartment (i.e., 'small' ;-) ...and which is located in Astoria, Queens. Queens as a whole is a very diverse borough of NYC, and in 2015 Queens was voted the # 1 travel destination in the US, by 'Lonely Planet'. My neighborhood of Astoria is known for its Greek, Egyptian and Brazilian populations, among others.

Astoria is located 25 minutes from the Upper East side of Manhattan via subway.

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I work for a large consulting firm in Manhattan, and my job requires me to be very professional and




from Nederland

Lynn is a perfect and friendly host. We had a very nice Thanksgivingdinner and did meet lovely people. Super!

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$46.00 per guest

New York

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