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Affiliate Program

Earn cash when your followers dine with BonAppetour hosts!

Affiliate Program

At BonAppetour, we’ve been out there to get hold of over 800 passionate chefs and home-cooks in over 50 countries across the world, who are ready to welcome you to their home restaurants, for a few hours of great food, amazing company and unforgettable memories.

We are inviting hip and trendy lifestyle/travel/food websites and blogs to join our Affiliate program. As an Affiliate Partner, you will earn cash when your fans dine with BonAppetour!

The Perks
Make Money

As our affiliate partner, you can earn a 50% commission share of BonAppetour’s booking fee on all qualifying bookings. We know that the travel season is seasonal, so apart from a long cookie length, you will also get paid a fixed rate for every sign up that comes through from your referral.

Enhance your website or blog

Avoid being a tourist! BonAppetour allows travelers to eat like a local and more importantly, with a local. With an authentic dining experience that BonAppetour hosts are offering, the travel experience is truly enhanced.

Experience BonAppetour first-hand when you travel

We know how important it is for you to believe in what you are promoting. So enjoy a complimentary dining experience with BonAppetour hosts to experience it for yourself.

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