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Dinner and Sunday late lunch

Host Can

$39.10 per guest


Local food from a lot of local farms and organic in a cosy house with a fireplace always on on winter nights and a sunny green garden available for BBQ in summer.


Mainly cooked with olive oil a wide variety to choose from: (eash is a seperate choice)
1. Local roast lamb, a lot of greens obviously with thyme.
2. Steaks or organic chicken/duck roast, with classic roast side dishes - and yes gravy. ( 1duck per two)
3. Local fish, with lovely salads and meze.
4. Paella or sea food varieties with mainly octopus.
5. Traditional Turkish dinner mainly with vegetables,
----- and all with a wide variety of local wines.

Also Sunday brunch is served.


Our home-restaurant is 30 minutes away from the city centre, located in the North Forest of Istanbul.

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A passion of cooking resulted me to open this page. A large house with a fire place always on, and a


Egemen Engizek

Egemen Engizek

from Bursa

Eating at Can's house is the most valuable experience in my life. His wife is also my relative, whenever I go to Istanbul, I visit them. Beef roast, beef stroganof, patato chips are my favourite. Can has a lot of experience about cooking and every time he cooks, it amazes me and the guests all the time

Gozde Taskin

Gozde Taskin

from Istanbul

Wonderful cook & superb host! Can & Hulya hosted us at their house for a lovely dinner and we had the chance to taste the octopus pasta and roasted lamb. Normally I never eat lamb as I don't like the taste but here even I couldn't resist as it was cooked with thyme and had a fantastic taste. Oh and THE octopus! Well who can say no to an octopus cooked in wine for at least 2 hours? I guarantee that you will not only have great food at this house but also meet with a passinate cook and can have a fullfilling chat about wines & spirits.



from Turkey

Can's cooking is amazing. I've tried his Thai meals and meat dishes... real delicacies, fine food, yummy:)

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$39.10 per guest


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