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[Weekdays] Let's discover Hanoi street food with me

Host Nguyen

$23.00 per guest


Discover the food wonders of the Old Quarter. I will pick you up at your hotel in the Old Quarter or French Quarter at around 630pm.
The tour will start from your hotel. Hanoi street food tour lasts for 3 hours. I take you to go around the Old Quarter to taste, to see and a local and introduce to you Hanoi cuisine and culture, and a few famous sightseeing as well.
You have a chance to try from 8 to 10 different dishes and local drinks
At 9h30, I will drop you off at your hotel.


All dishes are typical dishes like Bun Cha (yes the one Obama ate), Bánh gối (literally pillow cake, a savoury Vietnamse samosa), spring roll, crab soup, steam pancake, Vietnamese baguette..

Drink: egg coffee, green tea with Kumquat juice and Hanoi beer of course!!


The Old Quarter is the centre of Hanoi's commerce and tourism. Founded by merchants and craftsmen all over the country, the Old Quarter is home to many authentic delicacies that are only available on certain streets, as well as historic landmarks like the Sword Lake (home to the late giant tortoise). Join me here for a breeze of the lake wind, as well as a breeze of history about Hanoi.

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I'm Hien which means always moving forward and always being happy. And I'm really into eating





Hien was a great host! Not only was she a wonderful host on the tour, but she also made excellent suggestions for places to go that were not on the tour. We went to a number of spots that I wondered at first because there were a lot of other tour groups, but after tasting the food, it was obvious why we (and they) were there! She also did a great job mixing in the tiniest places you could find, with 4 plastic seats on the sidewalk that were out of this world. She was so friendly and welcoming and my wife and I had a blast! Thanks Hien!


Nguyen Xuan Bach

Nguyen Xuan Bach

from Singapore

It was an incredibly hot day in Hanoi, but entering the village where Hien lived relieved us from the heat immediately. It was fascinating seeing the process of making the green rice - I was really amazed by how the farmers work the rice from barely edible kernels to a tasty smooth product. Hien prepared all the ingredients needed to make fried spring rolls before we came, and we started rolling using rice paper while sitting on the floor. After that Hien and her mom fried the food while we helped arrange the table and cutlery. The food was great, especially the fried pork roll with green rice. Served with fish sauce, the pork was succulent, while the green rice melted in the mouth, combined to create a distinctive flavour of the village where they came from. Nicely served together with the dishes are bottles of Hanoi beer, which was light and refreshing. Highly recommended for those looking for a more countryside flavour to the normal local Vietnamese food!

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$23.00 per guest


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