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Authentic Southern Italian Home-Style Cuisine in Wan Chai

Host Ermanno

$89.23 per guest


All the best dishes are from 4 generations of "all female" chefs in my family and from the best Restaurants of the bay of Naples and the Sorrento Riviera. I want you all to taste true Italian cuisine, backed by generations of care and knowledge.

All ingredients are home made or imported.
We do our own cheese, vinegar, salame, sausages, long cooking (30 hrs minimum) tomato sauce, pastas, 30 day marinated steak, and home grown herbs (seeds from Italy).

Come and taste the difference of real tradition!


You can choose from 5 different menus. Each menu has 5 courses, featuring the best of the best of Southern Italian cuisine.

Menu 1: A Neapolitan Food Feast
The tastiest dishes directly from the Italian traditional family gathering - the Neapolitan brunch
Appetizer: Home-made gorgonzola blue cheese, home-made Neapolitan-style salami, marinated eggplants Naples-style
Served with homemade Torre Annunziata style bread, "O pane cafone"
First Main: "Pasta al forno Napoletana". Baked pasta with 24 hours cooking meat ragout, mini meatballs, mozzarella and green peas. This is from my Grandma’s portfolio; she was the master of the baked pasta!
Second main:"Sasicc e puparuol". Homemade Neapolitan fresh sausage cooked in casserole with olives and bell peppers, scented with homemade wine vinegar
Dessert: “Zeppole di San Giuseppe”. A special kind of fried bigne’ served with pastry cream and Amarena cherries, traditionally baked on Saint Joseph’s day

Menu 2: On the Sorrento’s Riviera
A tasty experience from the most charming town in the world
Appetizers: “Provolone alla piastra con uovo e basilico”. Grilled Provolone cheese, an aged variation of a mozzarella style cheese, typically from the Campania area, with on top an egg and basil leaves
Served with homemade Torre Annunziata style bread, "O pane cafone"
First main: “Home-made gnocchi alla Sorrentina”. Baked homemade gnocchi with 24 hours cooking Neapolitan meat ragout and mozzarella
Second main: “Coniglio alla cacciatora”. The top of our farmers and hunters, the rabbit, cooked in the traditional “cacciatore olives sauce”
Served with green salad with onion and lemon dressing
Dessert: “Delizia al limone Sorrentina”. The typical pastry of this town, created in the 60’s and soon became the most popular cupcake

Menu 3: My Grandma's best
A fantastic experience through the tastiest dish of my Grandma’s and her sisters’ portfolio. Meals full of flavor made to enjoy life.
Appetizers: Fried eggplant parmiggiana. Grilled and marinated peppers with lemon dressing.
Served with homemade “Torre Annunziata style” bread ‘O pane cafone”
First Main: “Rigatoni ragout e ricotta”. Rigatoni pasta with 24 hours cooked meat Neapolitan ragout sauce
and fresh homemade ricotta cheese
Second Main: “Polpettone e pure’ di patate”. Neapolitan meatloaf (maybe the only really traditional style),
served with potatoes and cheese pure’
Served with mix green salad with onions and lemon dressing
Dessert: Neapolitan Baba’ with pastry cream

Menu 4: When in Rome
A selection of the classic Roman most delicious dishes, dedicated to all my friends and the life in ROMA
Appetizers: Sardines and cheese bruschetta Roman style. Golden fried Cod Fish bites.
First main: “Rigatoni con coda alla vaccinara”. Rigatoni pasta with 24 hours slow cooked ox tail meat ragout, the most traditional tomatoes pasta sauce from Rome. Served with the ox tail.
Second main: “Abbacchio alla Romana”. Roman style baked baby lamb with anchovies sauce.
Served with green salad with onion and lemon dressing
Dessert: “Maritozzi lievitati con panna al limone”. A well-known, complicated Roman pastry, made with a "3 times" risen dough and lemon scented cream. A real rarity!

Menu 5: Bubbles and pearls seafood dinner
A journey in to the tastiest seafood dishes from the Bay of Naples and the Sorrento Riviera!
Appetizers: "Impepata e cozz'". Mussels in casserole Neapolitan style
Served with homemade Torre Annunziata style bread - "O pane cafone"
First main: "Linguine e vongole veraci". Linguine with Neapolitan clams
Second main: "Cernia in crosta si patate e pomodorini". Grouper baked in a crust of potatoes and sweet cherry tomatoes, scented with thyme
Dessert: "Torta caprese all’arancia". The famous cake from the island of Capri, baked in the Orange variation

Paired wine available starting from 200 HK. Ask me about it!


I am located in the heart of Wan chai, great location with terrace.
Wan Chai is a major hub of foreign and Chinese cultural institutions in Hong Kong, so it's a wonderful place to try a fusion of Eastern and Western culture and cuisine.
Wan Chai is also home to the famous Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, definitely worth checking out as there are many international trade fairs, some of which are among the biggest in the world: the annual Hong Kong Book Fair in July, food fair and festival, technology exhibitions, and cosplay competitions.
You can also visit some historical conservation sites including Old Wan Chai Post Office, Hung Shing Temple and Pak Tai Temple.

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Passionate story teller and traveler, chef for pure passion since a kid

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$89.23 per guest

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