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Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spain

Fluent in : English, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, And knowledges of French, italian Greek & Catalan

#I love travelling
#cooking (of course)
#and above all
#getting together with friends & family for long sessions of good food
#wine and laughter.

I am 46 years old, married & mum of 3 Teenagers. I have travelled all over the world but since 2000 I settled in Castelldefels which is a beautiful town to live. I have worked in the tourism industry (Hotels & Cruises) for many years and 7 years ago I decided to do what I really love…. Cooking!! I worked as a chef in several restaurants and also had my own Restaurant & Café in Brazil, but I didn´t like the working hours and lack of contact with my clients. So I decided to become a Private Chef. I worked for the Dutch Consul and for private clients in and around Barcelona. It is one of the most gratifying jobs for me as I always get feedback from my clients, they come & have a drink with me while the watch me cooking, I get recommended from my clients to their friends and I have flexible working hours.

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"Secrets of Spanish Cuisine" Workshop with Private Chef, Day Trip from Barcelona

I am a Dutch Private Chef living in Castelldefels for over 16 years. My passion for cooking has intensified through my traveling around the world and ...

Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spain

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