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An Ode to my Vegan Friends

Host Alessandro

$55.79 per guest

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8:00 pm or earlier


About 2 hours

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At Host's Location near to vatican city.


In a city whose cuisine thrives on guanciale and pecorino, being vegan can be a challenge. Most trattorie offer classic dishes like cacio e pepe and saltimbocca that are off-limits to vegans. So whether you’re already a vegan, thinking of becoming one, or just want to experience an evening of alternative eating, I will deliciously demonstrate that a satisfying meal doesn’t have to rely on meat or dairy. Dinners are held at my home near St. Peter's Basilica.


Appetizer: Bruschetta with fresh tomatoes
First Course: Seasonal risotto - depending on the time of year, your risotto could have artichokes, porcini mushrooms, asparagus...
Main Course: Soup of pulses
Sides: Coleslaw with tomatoes and carrots or fennel salad with orange and olives
Dessert: Tony's vegan muffins or vegan tart with jam


I live a short distance away from the Vatican City and St.Peter's, in a beautiful, quiet and cozy neighbourhood. The way to my apartment is filled with cobblestoned pathways and beautiful old houses. As it is also on a hill, you can catch a glimpse of the Roman skyline, over the Vatican City.
In the summer and when the weather is beautiful, we can have dinner in my well kept garden where you can see and smell the herbs I will use for your dishes and the lemon tree that I use for my homemade limoncello!

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Hi, I'm Alessandro (Tony for my friends!). I'm a true Roman living very near the Vatican City and




from London

A great highlight of my trip to Rome! I enjoyed a wonderful 5 course meal with Alessandro (Tony) and a lovely family of 3 also visiting Rome. This is a great way to connect with other tourists. Tony is a considerate host; from the dinner setting outside in his garden, to the pairing of wine with food, to the conversation and stories of Rome. He really ensures you a great evening. The food is divine and dont miss out on the limoncello! Best i had in Rome. Thanks again Tony!



from Den Dolder

Book a food experience with Alessandro and you will not be disappointed. He and his partner Elena give you a special evening with all home made food. Even the limoncello at the end he makes from his own citrus tree. Delicious it was, I never drink this liquor but I really enjoyed. As he is a sommelier too, he finds the best wine with the food. This evening a special wine that grows near the sea so it has a very little salty taste. It was perfect with the hole dinner. Alessandro explained the special Roman food he makes while I watched every now and then in the kitchen seeing him cook. Elena joined at the table and took part in the conversation about all kind of topics. I could understand most of the Italian they spoke to me, but for me I was better to speak in English because I had only 5 days Italian lessons. It was very intimate as if we were already good friends and when I came home there were already the email with pictures from the evening and links to good restaurants and other places for example where tot go to a nice beach. I really enjoyed everything this evening!! Thank you both. Hylkia from Holland.

Yulia Davydovitch

Yulia Davydovitch


Thank you, Tony and Elena, for the wonderful evening. The food was amazing and we had a great time. This evening was a highlight of our trip! Hope to see you again one day. Regards, Yulia and Yuri.



from Brookline

What a delightful time my family spent with Alessandro and Elena on Christmas Eve. Our party of 16 was treated to a delicious meal and true Italian hospitality. Overall, most of the group said that dinner was the highlight of the vacation.



from Kansas City

Alessandro was a wonderful host! We had an adventure navigating the little curvy streets to get to his cozy home. Our group of 8 dined with 3 other guests, who were lovely. Alessandro fully explained the menu he would prepare and his passion for local cuisine was apparent. We had three courses plus some holiday cakes (pannetonne) and chocolate for dessert. The main course was an orange chicken with fennel/Olive/orange salad. It was spectacular. With dinner, we had local red and white wine. After dessert, Alessandro served his homemade limencello. It was divine! I highly recommend dinner with Alessandro if you are looking for an authentic Roman experience. We hope to visit again!

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