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Craft-Your-Own Macarons - Classic French Macarons Baking Class (in English)

Host Chef Julie

$111.59 per guest

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Start time

Wednesdays @ 10 am, Thursday & Saturdays @ 2 pm


2.5 hours

Group size

1 to 6 people

Class language


Meeting point

At our cooking studio


To climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower, to admire the majesty of Notre-Dame Cathedral, to be dazzled by Versailles, and to make your own macaroons with a French Chef in Paris… These things are must-does for creating unforgettable memories!

In 2 hours and a half, you’ll learn how to make your macarons a rousing success. Based on the Italian meringue method, which is more technical but yields better results, you’ll learn how to macaroon your paste to get light, crunchy cookies and judge how done they are by touch. You’ll discover there is only one good way of holding your whisk to get a silky ganache, and pick up a few little tricks for a can’t-miss ganache filling.

You’ll be taken through each step right to the finishing touches. And we won’t forget to teach you about different types of garnishes like chocolate ganache, pistachios, vanilla, raspberries, chocolate shavings and passionfruit…

Enjoy your freshly made creations on the spot… or if you can restrain yourself from devouring them immediately, take them with you to prolong the pleasure.

Note: Children over the age of 12 are welcome to join the macaron class. It is critically important for your child to enjoy pastry-making and be willing to engage in it for 2:30 hours. Those students older than 12, but still considered minors, must be accompanied by an adult registered for the class. We won’t allow a child non-accompanied by a registered adult to join the class.

Note: We also offer a French Croissant class and a Choux Pastry class on specific days. Simply click on "Chef Julie" under the "About the Host" section on this page to view and book those classes!


Techniques :
– Petit boulé : cooking sugar to make meringue.
– Macaronner : folding in the batter until the perfect consistency
– Dresser : piping the batter on a sheet pan.


Our cooking studio is located in the 9th Arr very close to the metro stop Anvers or Barbès-Rochechouart or Poissonnière.

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Chef Julie

Chef Julie

Our chef Julie is real bonbon. Her love of the art of pastry-making is one of her best qualities,





I had a wonderful experience learning to make macarons with Chef Julie! It was a small group and I felt the attention was very personalized. I was able to be hands on the entire time and she provided excellent instruction from beginning to end. I would recommend taking a class with Chef Julie!



from Paris--2nd arrondisement

Chef Julie is an excellent and very knowledgeable teacher. She demonstrated every step very precisely, and then let us practice. She corrected us in a very positive tone--not what we were doing wrong, but how to do it correctly. She was also able to greatly expand other variations that we can try when we are more proficient! Excellent class!



Awesome instruction by Julie on how to perfect your macaron technique :) step-by-step working alongside & with others (no, she won't let you mess up), class is in English & you leave with over a dozen yummy & perfect macarons. Half the price of other bakery classes and so much better - all products are handmade (unlike other macaron houses) and the recipes work perfectly at home. Highly recommendable. Oh, yeah ... and it's fun, too



I booked this class because my three daughters love eating macarons, and they also love baking. Also thought it would be a welcome diversion from the museum visiting and miles of walking we were forcing them to do. They absolutely loved it. Julie was very professional and had everything set up perfectly for us, and was nicely organized. She seemed very knowledgeable - so many tips because this is such a precise art. There was one other couple in the class along with me and my girls, and they were delightful. Julie made sure that everything went perfectly, and to my disbelief, our macarons turned out beautifully. At the end of the class we were given boxes to take out macarons home with us, as well as a detailed instruction sheet so that we would not forget what we learned. The class was conducted in English - and was easy to follow. The equipment and room were spotless and top notch. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who loves macarons! This experience was a highlight for my daughters in Paris!



I took the macaron class with Julie, and I'm so glad I did! The small group was so much fun. I was traveling solo, but the five others in the class were so much fun. Lots of laughs and a friendly atmosphere. Julie was a great instructor and it was amazing to see what we were able to produce! I had no idea Macarons were so involved- looking forward to trying at home. Only regret is not signing up for another of Julie's classes- next time!



I took the macaron class with 3 others and the croissant class which ended up being a private class with Julie. I learnt sooo much from Julie, she is amazing, so knowledgable and talented, and she shared so many secrets and so many great tips for more successful bakes that no book could ever show you!! It was really fun, the time went so quick, and the macarons and croissants turned out absolutely perfect and so delicious!!! I've since made macarons at home and they have improved so much since taking this class! I would highly recommend this for your trip to Paris, I've been to Paris several times and this will definitely be a highlight for me! When I come back next time I'll be taking more classes here thank you Julie!!

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$111.59 per guest


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