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Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about BonAppetour

What is BonAppetour?

What you need to know about BonAppetour.

BonAppetour is a social dining marketplace that connects travellers with local hosts for home-dining experiences including dinner parties, cooking classes, barbecues, picnics and more! The idea is to foster deeper interaction between travellers and locals, thereby creating a more immersive cultural experience over great food. For hosts, BonAppetour is a great way to showcase their cooking skills to a global audience, to experiment on new menus and offerings and hone their cooking skills, while at the same time, making money to fund their passion.
As a guest, start from browsing through dining experiences available in the cities you are visiting, or even your home-city – it is always fun to meet new people over great food. Each dining experience features a menu prepared by the host, a description about the host and reviews by previous guests (if any). Once you find an experience that you fancy, click on the book button to message the host if he/she is available on your chosen date to host you. Feel free to let them know if you have any dietary preferences of restrictions so that the host can be prepared. Once both you and the host have confirmed the arrangement, proceed to make payment. All payments are made in advance so that you do not have to deal with cash on the day itself and also to protect both parties in unforeseen circumstances, such as a no-show.

Signing Up, Settings & Passwords, Notifications.

Creating an account is extremely easy! If you don’t have an account yet, simply head to:

You can use your email address or Facebook account. Signing up and creating a BonAppetour account is completely free, whether you’re looking to book a meal with our host or listing your experience!

After you sign up, please be sure to complete your profile.
Hide: We work very hard to ensure that BonAppetour community remains trustworthy, hence the we may hide user accounts during a review of BonAppetour accounts, making them unsearchable by the public, if the accounts do not adhere to our Photo Policies. The following may occur with or without notifying you directly:

Your account can be hidden but you may still be able to access the dashboard, your account and experience contents, or receive assistance from BonAppetour Customer Service.

However, please do approach our Customer Service staff here, if you feel that your account should not be hidden.

Any upcoming pending or accepted reservations you have as either host or guest can be cancelled, which will follow our cancellation policies. We also may:

- Communicate to the appropriate guests or hosts that their reservation is cancelled.
- Contact guests about alternative accommodations that may be available.

Delete: For the deletion and removal of your account from BonAppetour and on any matters that extend the usual management of your account, you may contact the Company at: [email protected] with such specific request. The Company shall terminate your account and remove any information pertaining to you from the Service within reasonable time upon receiving your request for account cancellation. We will attempt to comply with any request to the best of our capabilities.
Forgotten password: If you cannot log in to your BonAppetour account, please visit here. Just enter the email address you use for BonAppetour, a password-reset link will be emailed to you. If you forgot your password and you’re already logged in to BonAppetour, first log out of your account, then click on the link above.

Change Password: You can easily change your password from your Dashboard > My Profile > Change Password. At the bottom of your profile page, you can key in your new password. However, in order to change your password to a new password, you need to know your current password.

Facebook Login: if you created a BonAppetour account by connecting to Facebook, you were not required to create a password. You can continue to log in via Facebook.
To change the email address you use on BonAppetour:

1. Click on your Dashboard in the top navigation bar.
2. Select My Profile
3. In Email Address, enter the email address you want to use
4. Click Save Profile Details at the bottom of the page

Please note that your email address can only be associated with one BonAppetour account at a time. If you get a notification that your email address is already in use but you can't remember your password for that account, you might need to retrieve your password.
You can view your notifcations in your BonAppetour Inbox, which can be easily located at your dashboard or at the top banner of the webpage. Notifications can be messages from anyone in the BonAppetour community – be it a booking request (if you are a host), or an order confirmation (if you’re a guest). Well, the platform is not strictly limited to that, you can also say a casual hello to anyone in the BonAppetour community!

Your user profile on BonAppetour.

Your profile acts like a curriculum vitae for others to verify your credibility and of course, to get to know you better! Your profile is also a medium for you to market yourself, to elaborate about your hobbies, interests and the languages you speak. Your profile photo is high important for our guests to recognize you when they eventually meet up with you, as well as to give our guests or hosts a sense of security that you are credible.

When your profile is complete and interesting, it helps others feel that you’re reliable, authentic and passionate about the spirit of BonAppetour. The number of bookings that you receive will increase as well!
It’s easy and simple! To edit your profile information, click Dashboard > My Profile and you can change your profile photo there. Remember to click Save Profile Details at the bottom of the page.
Making a reservation

How to go through your bookings.

Simply browse through the dining experiences created by hosts in the city that you choose, and once you have found something you fancy, click on the "Book" button to request for the experience with the host. Feel free to let them know if you have any dietary preferences of restrictions so that the host can be prepared. Once both you and the host have confirmed the arrangement, proceed to make payment.
This depends very much on the host, but in order to allow the host enough time to make preparations for the dining experience and to plan their schedules, we suggest making a reservation at least 1 week in advance.
Absolutely! Just message the host to let them know about your dietary restrictions, and they would be happy to plan a menu around that. You are being invited to your friend’s home after all! :)
Reservations are only confirmed once the payment has been made so that the host is guaranteed of your arrival and can make the necessary preparations for the experience.
We understand that changes in plans may happen. Please look into our Cancellation policy to see if you are eligible for any refund. If you are cancelling in advance, ask your host to confirm the cancellation of booking by sending us an email. We will then process your refund accordingly. If it is a last minute cancellation, please note that you will not be refunded the amount, as we believe that the host has already started the preparations for the dining experience.
BonAppetour helps to protect both hosts and guests in cases of conflict, unfortunate or unforeseen circumstances. By making payment through us, you ensure that your experience is protected and that you are eligible to a refund should the situation arise. You can also leave reviews for the hosts so that hosts can build up their BonAppetour profiles and reputation. Moreover, your fellow guests and travellers in the BonAppetour community can benefit from your experience and also plan a memorable vacation.
We encourage guests to leave reviews and feedback for the hosts so that they are aware of the quality of their dining experience, and also to make any improvements if necessary. You can access the reviews under the My reviews section.
Deciding to host

Becoming a BonAppetour host

First things first, let’s get you started. Click Dashboard > My Hosting, then create a captivating experience title and begin to craft your profile. When you’re done, fill the blanks at the More About You page. Lastly, select the location of your experience and you are done! Our marketing team will then take a look at your experience and contact you with more information on how to proceed.
If you are a skilled and passionate cook, then BonAppetour is the platform for you to start hosting. Whether it’s experimenting with new menus, testing recipes, honing skills, or simply sharing your favourite dishes with a global audience, use BonAppetour to build up your hosting profile!
Your experiences

Your experiences and events on BonAppetour

Click Dashboard > My Hosting and you can beef up your experience. Remember to select the number of guests you can entertain in one sitting.
Apart from the details guests should know about you, an interesting dining experience description and well-taken photos will best intrigue your potential guests. Please take note your account will be suspended or banned if you post photos relating to violence, self harm or nudity as elaborated under our Terms & Conditions.
Simply click Dashboard > My Hosting and then scroll to the bottom of the page. There is a pencil icon next to your experience. Click it and you can make necessary changes.
Description: Try to give your guests an idea of what they will be expecting by providing in your description (i) your menu (ii) the ambience of the experience. Your description should aim to be fun, captivating and interesting!

Photo: Try your best to upload high definition photos and our content curation team will do necessary edits to the photographs.
We advise you to set a price based on the cost of ingredients, the time you spend preparing for the dining experience (cooking and cleaning time) as well as your experience in the culinary field. Remember that good value is what BonAppetour guests and travellers are looking for and setting a price that is slightly below that of a comparable restaurant meal is a good rule of thumb to follow.. But take into account the quality as well, not just the price. If you are an experienced chef, for example, and are serving up an amazing meal with high quality ingredients, price it accordingly. Just be sure to mention the quality of your meal and ingredients as much as possible in the listing – for example, mention it in your profile if the ingredients you are using are local/organic. Upload high quality photos of your dishes. Let BonAppetour guests know the kind of ambience they can expect to dine in when they reserve a meal with you, and help them to determine the value of your dining experience.
Your reservations

Managing your bookings on BonAppetour

You can view your messages in your Inbox.
As a host, if you have not confirmed the booking request with the guest, you reserve the right to decline the booking request if you are uncomfortable hosting at that period or with that particular guest. However, if the booking request has been confirmed and transactions have taken place, please refer to our cancellation policy for your rights as well as the guest’s.
Don’t worry, drop our customer service an email at [email protected] and we will help you to contact your guest.
Once the guest makes payment, you will receive an email indicating that payment has been made, and the experience is confirmed. However, we suggest that you take note of our cancellation policy in order to avoid preparing for the meal too well in advance.
Respond to it immediately by logging in to your account and going to the Inbox. We place hosts who respond promptly at the top of the search results and also promote our active hosts through our marketing efforts. You can respond to the booking requests to discuss the date, time as well as the menu with the guests. Remember also to ask for any dietary restrictions that the guests might have, to avoid disappointments.
Our hosts have 48 hours from the booking request to reply to the guest. After which, BonAppetour will automatically recommend other hosts nearby or in the same country to the guest.
After the experience, it is prudent that you reflect to us about your guest. Simply email us at [email protected] within 24 hours of the dining experience.

Your reviews on BonAppetour

Reviews are written by either the guests or the BonAppetour curation team (if we had the honour of dropping by your home), after the completion of an experience with you. These reviews will be displayed on your experience page for public view. Reviews serve as another way for potential guests to evaluate your experience.
Reviews are written by guests after the completion of an experience with a host. Reviews serve as a way for potential guests to evaluate your experience with you, and they are displayed in the host experience and profile pages.
The great news is, yes you can! If you haven’t hosted any BonAppetour guests, but you have hosted before, simply ask your friends to vouch for you. Share them the link to the review form (which you can find in your hosting panel) and they can submit a review for you
Unfortunately, you cannot remove the reviews as we want to retain trust in the community by showcasing the real opinions of the guests. In the case where you feel that the review does not represent an accurate version of you, or derogatory, drop us a message on [email protected] so that we can review the case.

Payments on BonAppetour

Input your Paypal Email ID in your Account panel. You will be transferred the amount for the experience 24 hours after the dining experience. We hold the money in order to protect both hosts and guests in cases of unforeseen or unfortunate circumstances.
Only the guests are required to pay a 15% service fee. It will be 15% on top of the price of the experience set by the host.
For any enquires about refunds and cancellation, please check out our cancellation policy.