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Phuket Thailand

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Hi! My name is Patinya, you can all me Pat in short! I am an active person and workaholic, working as an event organizer/caterer- weddings, birthdays etc. I am currently living with my mom who is used to open a restaurant and has more than 30 years of cooking experience)! Our hosting style is free-style and easy. Meaning, you could request what you'd like to try and we can discuss to fulfill your requests! In the past, I have hosted a traveller and we had a great time eating Thai cuisine and chatting to know more about one another's culture which till this day we are still in contact! This is the main reason for wanting to host, so we could meet many more people across the world! We look forward to meeting all of you here in lovely Phuket! :)

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Hearty home-cooked meal with locals in Thalang

This dinner is free-style meaning you could choose what you'd like to try or we can recommend you and we can adjust it according to you preference. We...

Phuket Thailand

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It was a simple but yet a very comforting and delicious meal! Pat has a very happy-go-lucky type of personality, always laughing and smiling. She was very engaging and told us about the places to go in Phuket and useful local tips! Her mom is a very experience cook! Eventhough it was her first time trying to make a certain Thai dessert, it turned out very yummy! My favourite dish was the herbal omelette in yellow curry (type of thai curry made with tamarin and lots of herbs). The curry was not too spicy and has a well balanced of flavours with the omelette soaking up the broth! Before we left, both of them even invited us back to her home if we have the chance to go to Phuket again!