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Cooking Class Colombo : Hands on Cooking with Market Tour

Host Rustic Cooking Class

$69.00 per guest

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Morning : 9.30am - Evening : 3.30pm


4 Hours

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2-7 People

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Rustic tour Guide


Sri Lankans typically eat rice and curry every single day. This seems boring, right? But it’s actually not. So, what are the secrets behind the Sri Lankan kitchen? There are thousands of different types of curries in Sri Lanka, for which a vast variety of cooking techniques and ingredients are used. Sri Lankans are experts at using different cooking methods to produce totally different tastes. Sometimes, even locals can be confused by the cooking style if it is not easy to recognize by the usual color, aroma and taste. With the exception of dhal curry, Sri Lankans won’t eat same curry in the same day. Additionally, when Sri Lankans say ‘rice and curry’, they use it in a broader sense – it’s not literally just rice and curry. It also includes items such as leafy salads, papadam, badum, etc.. You will learn the secrets behind the Sri Lankan kitchen with your local cook.

We will have our grandma's hand-picked fresh vegetables from their backyard soon before the preparation. Without visiting a local market, you won`t have a deep understanding of how to pick right vegetables, spices and other stuff properly. So, our guide will give you enough traditional tips followed by picking and choosing the best spices or vegetables by locals during the market visit with real examples. At the end you can pick desired tropical fruits for your dessert. Additionally, you will be able to learn about the ethics of local market, that you cannot find in guide books.

Cooking with Claypot is a unique experience. Clay pottery has been one of the oldest crafts in the country. A technically made and well-seasoned clay pot makes food tender and flavorful. The porous walls absorb water, which prevents food from going dry – therefore useful for long slow cooking. Researches have proved, food cooked in clay pots can be preserved for long as it has antibacterial acidic moisture.


Before Starting Local Market visit, you will get the chance to select a menu for the preparation form our family recipes. Mostly it is five-course Meal.

Recipes You will learn & Enjoy:


✯ White Rice
✯ Yellow Rice
✯ Brown Rice


✯ Sri Lankan Chicken Curry
✯ Sri Lankan Dhal curry
✯ Sri Lankan Coconut Sambol
✯ Sri Lankan Potato Curry
✯ Fried Mushroom


✯ Gotukola
✯ Mugunuanna
✯ Gova Mallum
✯ Kankun Mallum
✯ Aguna Kola Mallum


✯ Papdum

** Taste a Local beer & Mineral Water


** Tea/Coffee
** Super tasty Buffalo curd with Honey/ ** Tropical Fruits


Our cozy Villa kitchen is located in capital of Sri Lanka. A walking distance to Sri Lankan Democratic Parliament, Immigration Office and beautiful Diyawanna Lake. You will be free from hustle & bustle of the city while you will be listening to the birds singing. Our villa is located in the green belt of Colombo, 9km from City Center and at the exit of the expressway to the Colombo Airport.

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Rustic Cooking Class

Rustic Cooking Class

Cooking Class Colombo

The Rustic Cooking Class Colombo is the highest-rated immersive culinary experience in Sri Lanka.





From start to finish this was a fantastic, authentic foodie experience. It's a proper hands on lesson, which involves you preparing and cooking all the dishes yourself, rather than just watching someone prepare it all. This for me was perfect as I'm a keen home cook and wanted to learn to make dishes I could then make again and cooking them first hand is the best way to learn. First we headed out to a local market to source the locally produced ingredients. It was great to stroll around taking in all the sights and sounds of a busy market and to have ingredients that I had never seen before explained to me. Once our shopping bag was full we headed back to the villa. The villa and kitchen layout are very smart, with an airy relaxed feel. We talked through the dishes we were going to make, which included an additional curry using jack fruit as I had never tried it before. We also had a lovely drink made up with wood apple, something else I had never seen or tried before. Once refreshed we set about cooking. A total of 8 dishes were on the menu once the jack fruit curry was added! I did wonder how on earth we were going to get them all prepared as I was the only participant! I needn't have worried though as we calmly and methodically prepared all the ingredients and then set about cooking the various items in traditional clay pots. Pretty soon an array of dishes had come together and all while staying nice and calm and relaxed, which is the best way to cook! As we were staying overnight at the villa my husband was invited to join us for lunch. We then sat and chatted over our meal with Nim, who is a fabulous host, laid back, friendly and chatty. Overall a wonderful experience which I would highly recommend to any fellow foodies

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