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Milano, MI, Italia

English, italian, little German, little French, little Spanish...

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I am a happy person. I search quality in life. Cooking is my true passion. I also love meeting people from all around the world. Life is short ! Make it the best for you. Always...

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Only for Gourmet !

Gourmet event includes a dinner with an accurate, silver cutlery, crystal glasses and selected wines, with glass of Champagne as a welcome drink for ...

Milano, MI, Italia

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Silvano has been such a lovely host. Extremely amicable & professional in the way he welcomes his guests. His apartment is not too far off from the metro & once you set foot in his crib, you know that you are in for an exquisite experience. Whilst Silvano prepared his finishing touches of his dishes in his kitchen, his friend Andrea entertained us. Silvano's dishes were excellent - in quality & in freshness of ingredients used. I loved every single dish served (bruschetta, pasta, schnitzel) - an unforgettable gastronomic experience guaranteed. Thereafter, Silvano joined us in conversation & together with Andrea, we had a ball of a time laughing & sharing unique experiences. Food was great but their company made it even better. I would highly recommend Silvano's experience. If couples are ever in Milan for honeymoon or vacation, reserving a dining experience with Silvano is a must!