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Best Paella cooking class in Barcelona - Delicious hands-on cooking experience (Temporarily unavailable)

Host David & Yuki

$34.93 per guest



The Mediterranean summer is very hot, that is why local people usually meet at night, still with sunlight, for social activities and gatherings.

Our proposal for these summer nights is to make a paella together. We will teach you how to prepare it, then we can enjoy the paella in our sunny terrace according to this typical tradition of having dinner in the outside enjoying the long warm summer nights.

Minimum 2 people for the experience. The workshop starts at 19h and finishes at 22h.


The menu that we offer is an excellent home cooked paella that is prepared in the most traditional way. The recipe comes from David's mother, who used to be a fantastic chef. We offer four different types of paella - for all different tastes. You can even choose your favourite ingredients for the paella, and make it your own. A taste of Barcelona that you can take home to your family and friends.

Some typical paella types are:

-Seafood paella
The best known in the world - David's favorite. Its Mediterranean character and great taste of the sea will leave a great impression on you.

- Pork ribs paella
Tasty paella, popular in the little towns far from the coast line. This type of paella is offered with red wine.

-Black rice with allioli (mayonnaise seasoned with garlic)
This type of paella is more unknown to travellers. Made with rice with squid and its ink. It is served with a garlic sauce maded of egg, oil, salt and garlic. You cannot resist it!

-Vegetable Paella
The large vegetable alternative. Stylish rice, healthier and more popular than is thought. This dish will not leave you disappointed.

-Rice with rabbit
This rice goes a step further into the world of paellas. A delicacy of Spanish cuisine and Yuki's favorite!


A five minute walk from Arc de Triomf, and metro station. Very central location.

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David & Yuki

David & Yuki

Hello Bon Appetourists! We are David and Yuki, foodlovers and hosts by passion and conviction. We




from Los Angeles

Learning to cook paella with David and Yuki was a true treat. From the beginning of the session, where he handed us BonAppetour aprons, to the end where we enjoyed a beautiful meal on the roof, this was an amazing experience. David obviously enjoys not only the action of cooking, but also the concept and the whole experience of cooking. He's a wonderful teacher, thorough and attentive in presenting each step. The food was delicious and rewarding, the atmosphere inviting, and the conversations were golden; we forged new friendships and had an absolutely wonderful experience overall. Although we cooked with David on our last day in Europe, he and Yuki made it one of the best days of our trip!



from Antwerp

David gave us great tips and helped us make a great paella. I'll definitely make it again back home! He gave us a very sweet goodbye gift: some "paella" rice for two and he showed us the way to some hidden Barcelona gems we'd never have found without him. All in all a perfect noon during our week in Barcelona. Thanks!



from Chicago

David and his wife Yuki were the consummate hosts. They handled our large group with ease and provided an unforgettable experience that made our trip to Barcelona! I would highly recommend booking this Paella class with David as he is a great cook and very personable and fun to be around. We ate our delicious paellas on his apartment rooftop while sipping on white wine and it made for quite a memorable day. We hope to one day have the opportunity to welcome David and Yuki to our home in Chicago!



from Tokyo

Davidのアパートでパエリアを作りました。天気の良い屋上で食べたのでおいしかったです。 彼は、料理が好きで話しやすい青年です。 カタルーニャ音楽堂の近くの家なので便利ですし、お近くにお立ち寄りの際にはぜひ。

F. Patrick

F. Patrick

from Rockford

We had a great time learning the secrets to making a great seafood Paella. David had each of us participating in the preparation. The final product looked and tasted fantastic. Yuki and David set the table on the upper deck looking over their Barcelona neighborhood. Afterwards, they walked us around the neighborhood, showed us sights we would have missed, and shared observations that brought smiles to our faces. A great afternoon.

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