Where to Eat in Italy in this Festive Season?

Where to Eat in Italy in this Festive Season?

The festive season is here! If you are holidaying in Italy, you may be struck with this thought – where should I dine at during the holidays?

After all, most shops and restaurants will be closed during this festive period, leaving travellers and tourists to wander by the walkways outdoors, looking for a place to enjoy a warm dinner, while families cosy up in their homes for intimate celebrations.

Why not try out a heartwarming dining experience with the locals?

If you are exploring the beautiful city of Rome, make your way to Susanna’s, for a tasty meal on the eve of Christmas and on Christmas day. Susanna, who has hosted rooftop dinners (with a stunning view overlooking Rome!) and meals by the riverside, will set you at ease immediately with her warm and welcoming hospitality.

Not in Rome? Well, fret not, for there are lovely dining experiences elsewhere. If you are celebrating your holidays in bustling Milan, why not drop by Alessandra’s place this New Year’s Eve? We promise that you will be in for a delightful time, in a beautiful home buzzing with conversation and laughter.

Holiday-makers in Florence, lucky you, for you have two options to choose from! You could dine with Elisa on Christmas, feasting on delicacies like tortellini soup with beef, lasagna (hot and piping from the oven) and an enticing almond cake with cream and aromatic rose syrup.

Otherwise, you may like to have a dinner with Hans and the Medici family, who will welcome you with sumptuous Tuscan fare. Delicious food, great company, and enjoying your meal in a delightful home situated in the Tuscan countryside…it is hard to imagine a more enjoyable experience than this!

Enjoy these parties (with plenty of wine, of course!):

…In Rome with Susanna: Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve

…In Milan with Alessandra: New Year’s Eve

…In Florence with Elisa: Christmas and New Year’s Eve

…In Florence with Hans: Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve

Got a question about these fun-filled home dining parties? Drop us a message at info[at], and we'll help you out! 

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Dining in Singapore: Feastin’ with Locals!

Dining in Singapore: Feastin’ with Locals!

Mention food and dining in Singapore, and one immediately conjures up images of vibrant hawker centres, posh restaurants, popular eateries and cosy cafes – dining options that make up the local food scene.

There may be a great variety of eateries in Singapore, but these are not the only ways to explore and feast on Singaporean dishes. Home dining experiences are also a great way to savour and discover more about the well-loved local delights.

Join us, as we introduce you to three Singaporeans hosts who welcome you with homely and hearty dining experiences!

Traditional Chinese Cuisine: Dine with Felice

Step into a beautiful home, and inhale the welcoming aroma that wafts out of the kitchen. Make your way to the dining room, and you will be wowed by the array of delectable dishes laid out on the table.

In the middle of the table lies an impressive-looking dish, a plate filled with succulent, tender slices of roast pork belly. A variety of hearty and wholesome selections, such as tangy yuzu-honey prawns, steamed mushrooms with minced meat, chewy Hakka yam abacus and seabream cooked in a savoury black bean sauce are served as scrumptious accompaniments.

Malay Delights: Feast with Hanim

A mound of steamed rice lies on a plate with a large pandan leaf laid upon it. A variety of yummy-looking sides fill up the plate – crispy chicken, cool slices of cucumber, fried anchovies, fragrant, crunchy peanuts and a sunny side-up egg.

Tuck into the rice, and you will be surprised by how wonderfully fragrant it is. The secret to the irresistible fragrance of the nasi lemak lies in the use of two ingredients in the preparation of the rice – coconut milk and pandan leaves.

This may be a satisfying and hearty dish, but do make space in your stomach for desserts, for a cold, creamy bowlful of bubur chacha will be served as a sweet treat to end off a satisfying meal.

Indian Flavours: Rooftop Dining with Amrita

Arrive at Amrita’s, and be prepared to tingle your tastebuds with a wide selection of Indian dishes from different regions within the country.

Traditional Biryani rice, a Southern specialty consisting of tender grains with a hint of aromatic spices, will be served, along with a rich chicken gravy. Other Northern delights, such as a smooth, creamy paneer and chapatis, a type of flatbread, will also be prepared. This delicious meal will be enjoyed at Amrita’s rooftop terrace, a lovely spot boasting scenic views.

Gorgeous views and a wonderful dinner – who can say no to this delightful dining experience?

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A Day of Feasting in Italy

A Day of Feasting in Italy

Breakfast: Do as the Romans Do

When in Rome, eat as the Romans do!

Wake up to a fragrant cup of frothy, well-made cappuccino. The milk is perfectly frothed, such that a thin layer of foam remains on the top of your lips after each mouthful. Satiate your hungry tummy with a tempting selection of pastries such as soft brioche and buttery croissants.

Lunch: Munch on Tigelle

Are you ready for a Tigellata Experience?

Tuck into tigelle, a small, round and thick flat bread that originated from Modena. The dough for the tigelle is made from wheat flour, water and salt.

The Tigellata Experience is not complete without a spread of scrumptious accompaniments to go with the bread – we have been told that cold cuts, homemade pesto modenese, vinegars, jams and cheeses with mustard and grilled vegetables are going to be laid out on the table. Mmm!

Dinner: Feast like a King

After two mouthwatering meals, make some space in your stomach for an excellent dinner, for a spread of Roman delicacies await.

Get ready to savour dishes such as bruschette al pomodoro, which are crisp slices of toasted bread with tomato. Next, tuck into the rigatoni alla carbonara, a pasta dish with a combination of ingredients such as eggs, bacon, parmigiano and pecorino cheese, topped with a sprinkle of heady black pepper.

Taste the succulent slices of porchetta, which refers to pork marinated with a variety of fragrant spices, and sample mouthfuls of cicoria ripassata, a dish made from sauteed local vegetables.

A perfect meal does not end without dessert, and this one is no different. A creamy tiramisu is served at the end of this satisfying dinner.

Looking for more local dining experiences in Italy? Explore our BonAppetour hosts page here!

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