A Spicy Thai Affair

A Spicy Thai Affair

Thai food; a cuisine that has gained international recognition for the bursts of flavour it provides from simple and fresh ingredients. The combination and preparation of these ingredients are key for the perfect Thai dish!

Our South-East Asian Hosts had guests from Turkey and Italy over for a Thai-style inspired meal. Never had they before tasted this eminent cuisine and never had these hosts cooked for the mild palate before –  it was a spicy experience to remember!

The Menu:BBQ Thai-style inspired Chicken wings, lemongrass omelet and the spice filled Thai Red Curry with guests from Italy and Turkey!

Giovanni, giving a shot at stir frying vegetables!

Here’s Effe; the Turkish guest getting at it too!

This was what they came up with it – Thai Red Curry. Looks extremely spicy doesn’t it? Giovanni thought the same but put all his fears away and dug into this colourful dish and to his surprise, it tasted amazing and was extremely mild! Pheww! 😉

This was a fusion of all the cultures. Thai-inspired BBQ chicken wings – the regular chicken wings with a hint of lemongrass and a sweet Thai Chilli glaze. It caramelised perfectly and the flavours were a perfect balance.

Here’s a dish that is common to both East and West; the Omelette! The twist however was using spring onions, Thai soy sauce, and Kaffir Lime leaves that made this a taker and was gone within minutes!

Here is them enjoying a meal prepared by extremely fun people who were amazing at trying new things and meeting new people. It was a BonAppetour experience alright!

Signing off,
Hitakshi aka The Photographer 🙂

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Where to Eat in Italy in this Festive Season?

Where to Eat in Italy in this Festive Season?

The festive season is here! If you are holidaying in Italy, you may be struck with this thought – where should I dine at during the holidays?

After all, most shops and restaurants will be closed during this festive period, leaving travellers and tourists to wander by the walkways outdoors, looking for a place to enjoy a warm dinner, while families cosy up in their homes for intimate celebrations.

Why not try out a heartwarming dining experience with the locals?

If you are exploring the beautiful city of Rome, make your way to Susanna’s, for a tasty meal on the eve of Christmas and on Christmas day. Susanna, who has hosted rooftop dinners (with a stunning view overlooking Rome!) and meals by the riverside, will set you at ease immediately with her warm and welcoming hospitality.

Not in Rome? Well, fret not, for there are lovely dining experiences elsewhere. If you are celebrating your holidays in bustling Milan, why not drop by Alessandra’s place this New Year’s Eve? We promise that you will be in for a delightful time, in a beautiful home buzzing with conversation and laughter.

Holiday-makers in Florence, lucky you, for you have two options to choose from! You could dine with Elisa on Christmas, feasting on delicacies like tortellini soup with beef, lasagna (hot and piping from the oven) and an enticing almond cake with cream and aromatic rose syrup.

Otherwise, you may like to have a dinner with Hans and the Medici family, who will welcome you with sumptuous Tuscan fare. Delicious food, great company, and enjoying your meal in a delightful home situated in the Tuscan countryside…it is hard to imagine a more enjoyable experience than this!

Enjoy these parties (with plenty of wine, of course!):

…In Rome with Susanna: Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve

…In Milan with Alessandra: New Year’s Eve

…In Florence with Elisa: Christmas and New Year’s Eve

…In Florence with Hans: Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve

Got a question about these fun-filled home dining parties? Drop us a message at info[at], and we'll help you out! 

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Gnocchi Alla Sorrentina

Gnocchi Alla Sorrentina

Gnocchi alla sorrentina translates directly to mean “gnocchi to Sorrento”. This recipe originates from Sorrento, a lovely town located in the south of Naples. The gnocchi alla sorrentina is representative of the Mediterranean diet, and contains ingredients such as Basil, Mozzarella and tomato sauce.

The dish, gnocchi, may sound relatively unfamiliar to some of us, particularly for those residing in Asia or who seldom consume European dishes. Gnocchi refers to soft, thick dumplings made from semolina, wheat flour, eggs, cheese, potato, bread crumbs, or other types of ingredients.

The gnocchi are served warm or hot, and are eaten as the first course in a meal. Similar to most Italian dishes, the recipes, names and ingredients used to cook the gnocchi varies, depending on the region that the dish is prepared in.

Can’t wait to tuck into the gnocchi alla sorrentina? Our BonAppetour hosts, Angelo and Simona can whip up a tantalising serving of this dish! 

Also, find out more about our hosts in Italy here!

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Coffee Culture in Italy

Coffee Culture in Italy

Prendiamo un caffè?” (Fancy a coffee?)

It is a well-known fact that the Italians love their coffees. They have also invented a coffee culture that is unparalleled to any other place in the world.

The coffee drinking habits and culture of the Italians may not be easy for foreigners to understand (is it really odd to have a cappuccino or caffé latte during the afternoon?), but these habits are considered as the norm in Italy.

As the saying goes, when you are in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in Italy, drink coffee as the Italians do (this will save you from more than a few curious stares and raised eye brows!).

The Five Coffee Commandments

1. Do not order yourself a cappuccino, caffé latte, or any other milky variations of coffee after the morning has passed. The Italians cannot stomach the idea of consuming hot milk after having a full meal.

2. An espresso is the default cup of coffee you will get when you order yourself a serving in coffee places throughout the country. The term ‘espresso’ is not used – instead, locals place orders for their coffee with the term ‘un caffè’, which refers to a single espresso.

3. A single espresso may not look like much, but do not belittle this tiny cup of caffeine, for an Italian espresso is known to pack a powerful punch.

If you think you are in need of a huge jolt of energy, you may choose to order a double espresso (un caffè doppio). However, do note that this is uncommon among the locals. The Italians do drink ample amounts of coffee, but they usually consume them in small doses throughout the day.

4. Like your coffee strong, but want to have something other than an espresso? Order yourself a cup of caffè lungo, which is an espresso with hot water added to it. This beverage is less diluted compared to the caffè americano.

5. If you really cannot imagine having coffee without a single drop of milk, a cup of caffè macchiato will float your boat. This coffee, unlike the type of macchiato that is served in places outside of Italy, refers to an espresso containing a tiny froth of milk.

Enjoy your coffee the Italian way with our BonAppetour hosts, Francesca and Cristina! Even if you are not a fan of coffee, check out other BonAppetour dining experiences in Italy!

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