10 Harry Potter Foods You Wished Existed in Real Life

10 Harry Potter Foods You Wished Existed in Real Life

Butterbeers, chocolate frogs, Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans…the yummy treats in Harry Potter's world as just as well-known as our daily fare. In fact, in an ideal world, these ten HP food should exist in real life: 

1. Dargon Tartare

Dragon Tartare first made an appearance at the exclusive Slug Club Christmas party. This hors d'oeuvre is made of a very unique ingredient (finely-chopped dragon meat), and gives its eater a charming whiff of bad breath.

Note: Consumed by Hermione Granger to avoid her date, Cormac Mclaggen

2. Steak and Kidney Pie

Pipin' hot and buttery, this treat makes a regular appearance at the welcoming feast for all newly-admitted witches and wizards at the start of the year. Chopped steak, kidney chunks and gravy fill up this yummylicious pie. 

3. Fisherman's Pie

A delectable staple from the Leaky Cauldron! A fishy delight, this pie contains fillings made from cod, salmon and shrimp. 

4. Treacle Tart

Who could say no to a golden, sticky and honeyed treat? This is Harry's personal favourite, and is reminded of this when he inhales the love potion Amortentia

5. Christmas Pudding

This flaming Christmas pudding was served during the grand Christmas feast in the year 1991. 

6. Chocolate Frogs

Aha – a treat that's fun and tasty to eat! Packets of this popular chocolate come with collectible cards featuring notable witches and wizards. You'll need nimble hands to eat this treat – those little chocolate frogs jump around fast, the moment you tear open the packaging!

7. Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans

Eating jelly beans has never been riskier – especially when the innocent-looking bag of beans contains flavours such as spinach, ear wax and vomit. 

8. Honeyduke's Mice Pops

Shaped like mice, and available in a variety of colours and flavours, these lollipops can be found at the Honeydukes' sweet shop in Hogsmeade. 

9. Sugar Quills

Need a sugary treat, but don't want to get caught snacking on sweets in class? All you need is a sugar quill – suck on the ends of the quill, frown at your parchment and try your best to look like you're hard at work. 

10. Nosebleed Nougat

This is one handy Skiving Snackbox treat we could definitely use! Perfect for days when you feel like skipping out on a class (or two). A genius invention by Fred and George Weasley. 


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