Savoury Pancakes Around the World

Savoury Pancakes Around the World

Pancakes do not always have to be sweetened or accompanied with sweet toppings. While some of us prefer them as a sweet treat, there are others who would rather have savoury fillings with their pancakes.

For those who love savoury flavours, here are some pancakes from around the world you will want to try during your travels!   

1. Italy  

Farinata, a savoury pancake from Italy, is made from chickpea flour, water, salt and olive oil and is baked before serving. Vegetables such as onions and rosemary can be added to the batter before it is cooked in the oven. This pancake is a traditional Ligurian street food snack and are suitable for vegans to consume so anyone can enjoy them! Try a home-cooked version with our Italian host, Larrycette!

2. India

Dosa is a paper-thin crepe that is a dietary staple in southern India. It is made from a batter comprising rice and black lentils, which is left to ferment before it is fried. Savoury dips such as curry, red chutney and coconut chutney typically accompany a serving of this pancake. There are different varieties of dosa around and one of the most popular variation is the Masala dosa, which is filled with spices, chilli, onions and potatoes before it is rolled and served. 

3. Korea

In Korea, pancakes are known as 'jeon' and they can be eaten as a side dish or street food snack. They can come with a great variety of fillings whether it is seafood, kimchi, chicken or scallions, which are coated in a batter of flour and egg before being pan fried. A tangy-savoury sauce typically accompanies the pancake dish, which can be eaten at any time of the day. 

4. Japan

Okonomiyaki, a Japanese savoury pancake, that translates as 'grilled as you like it'. The batter used varies from region to region but is typically comprised of flour, yam, water, cabbage and spring onions. Any ingredient can be added to the mix, be it meat, seafood, cheese and even udon or yakisoba so there is really a lot of room for creativity with this pancake dish.  

5. Germany

Kartoffelpuffer, or potato pancakes, are a popular street food snack in Germany. It is made from with grated potatoes, flour, eggs and onions and can be accompanied with a savoury dip such as garlic sauce or with a sweet applesauce. You will not only find these potato pancakes sold at street food vendors but also at restaurants and even in a German household!

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Food That You Can’t Miss in Berlin

Food That You Can't Miss in Berlin

1. Hoppelpopple

This is a signature dish of Berlin. It makes use of leftover meats and is scrambled together with eggs, potatoes and onions. Next time when you at home and has nothing to eat, try this german dish. .

2. Blutwurst

Besides the currywurst, the blutwurst is also worth a try. The blutwurst, also known as blood sausage, is made with pig's blood, barley, minced pork and seasonings. Many people have aversion to this delicacy because of the blood. Give it a try, its irony taste with the pork and seasoning will give you a whole new gastronomical experience.

3. Himmel und Erde

This dish has a fancy name of Heaven and Earth. It sure has the taste of heaven and earth from it's combination of ingredients used. It is made with potatoes, apple sauce and bacon. These ingredients, when cooked together, give you a both sweet and savoury taste that leaves you craving for more.

4. Senfeier

This dish of eggs in mustard sauce is a common on tables in German households. This is one of the dishes that your Grandmother would make and is sold in most canteens. Soft, hard boiled eggs are drenched in a creamy mustard sauce and sometimes served with potatoes.

5. Doner Kebab

Of Turkish origin, this street food has become popular is many regions such as Europe, America and Asia. The meat is placed on a vertical skewer and rotates while it is been roasted. The vendor will shave the meat into a bread or pita and serve it with generous amounts of sweet onion, cucumbers and sauce. Yums.

6. Pete's Home Restaurant

What is better than tasting German food? It is making them yourselves. Join Pete for a fun filled afternoon where you'll get to be a personal chef for the day. You can start the day by visiting the local Berlin markets where you guys can decide on a menu together. He will show you how to select the best ingredients and how to haggle and bargain with the vendors just like a local. While walking back to his apartment, you can also try some of the local delicacies that are sold along the river. Sounds good eh, what are you waiting for, check out Pete's Home Restaurant now!

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Romantic Dining Spots in Berlin to Pamper Your Loved One


If you will be travelling to Berlin with your loved one, why not make time for romantic meal? You will want to make a booking to avoid any disappointment…

1. The Grand

This chic restaurant decked out in vintage furniture and elegant fittings serves German-French delicacies and is renowned for its steaks prepared on the American Southbend Grill – tender, flavourful and expertly grilled. You will also find appetisers such as Beef Tatar and classic Caesar Salad at The Grand, but it is the steak selection that will impress. Think dry-aged steaks from Irish free-range cattle, delicately marbled Kobe beef from Japan and more.

The 80-seater restaurant caters to a well-heeled crowd and is very popular so do remember to make your reservations in advance. In the same building, you will also find a club, and a bar (frequently named one of the best bars in Berlin), so do grab a drink and soak in the loungey atmosphere.

2. Hugo’s Restaurant


Enjoy gastronomical delights and panoramic views of Berlin at Hugo’s Restaurant, situated on the top floor of InterContinental Berlin. Serving dishes prepared with German and regional quality products with an international sensibility, the restaurant offers a number of tasting menus and has been consistently awarded one Michelin star since 1999. A sommelier is also on hand to offer wine recommendations to complement your meal. Do make a reservation in order to get a table by the window so that both you and your loved one can enjoy a delightful meal with spectacular views of Berlin.

3. Restaurant Bieberbau

Tucked away in a quaint residential street, Restaurant Bieberbau is a small and cosy one-Michelin-starred restaurant run by chef-owner Stephan Garkisch. This restaurant serves top-quality fare and is frequented by the locals – a sign that it is not a tourist-oriented eatery. The staff at this restaurant can nonetheless speak both English and German so communication with them is unlikely to be an issue. Diners at this restaurant have a choice of three different menus, including a vegetarian-friendly one, and can choose to have a 3, 4 or 5-course meal from each menu. Their friendly staff can recommend a wine to go along with your dishes.

4. Cafe Chagall

Need a mid-afternoon caffeine fix and some treats to nibble on? Treat yourself and your loved one to German-style coffee and cake at Cafe Chagall. This quiet cafe is largely candle-lit and has a painted domed ceiling, giving it a Bohemian-like atmosphere. With delectable cakes, good coffee and friendly service, you and your loved one may choose to spend a leisurely afternoon at a corner in this cosy cafe. Given the affordably-priced food and drinks, the wallets of you and your loved one will not suffer too!

5. Home-dining experience with the locals

If you do not fancy dining out in a restaurant, how about dining with the locals in their homes! There are friendly hosts in Berlin can plan a romantic meal for you and your other half and tailor the menu to suit the dietary needs and preferences of the both you. For example, rather than having a gourmet-dining experience in a restaurant, you and your loved one may enjoy one on the terrace with Pete.

Or if you prefer a more international atmosphere and would like to get to meet people from around the world, book a dinner party with Deborah! You may also book a dining experience with Pelin if you and your loved one fancy fusion cuisine!

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Must Try Restaurants in Paris

Must Try Restaurants in Paris

1. Chez L'ami Jean

Location: 27 Rue Malar, Left Bank

Located on a quiet street near the Eiffel Tower, Chez L'ami Jean is not for the dieters or vegetarians. With gut-bursting portions and authentic parisian dishes, they are worth your every penny. They have a lively ambience as the restaurant is always filled with people and Chef Stephane Jego is always shouting across the restaurant for waiters to serve the newly cooked dishes. Their menu are made with seasonal ingredients such as crabs, oyster, fish to pigeons, beef and deer. 


2. Le Bistrot Paul Bert

Location: 18 Rue Paul Bert

This bistro offers the classic French selections. They have fixed priced menus of 19Euros of 38Euros which consits of an appetizer, a main course, cheese or dessert for 19Euros. One recommended dish is the Paris-Brest Puff pastry that is stuffed with hazelnut cream. It is absolute heaven. One tip is to make a reservation as early as possible as this place can be packed to the brim.

3. L'Office

Location: 3 Rue Richer

With a new chef, Kosta Miloevic, joining their highly capable team, you can expect the food to be made with the best ingredients and skills. Their food has the finess, elegance and healthyness to attract the stomachs of not only locals but people from all around the world. Try their entre of a shrimp raviolu with green peas and one asparagus, served in a light veggie broth. The serving may be small but the taste is definitely fantastic.

4. L'As Du Fallafel

Location: 34 Rue de Rosiers

It has the reputation of having the best fallafels in the world. Need I say more. If you are in Paris, you definitely need to give this kosher Middle Eastern restaurant a go. You can see it's popularity from the long snaking queue. Their fallafels are crispy, golden but still light. If you are hungry, you can give their fallafel wrap a go. Rememer they are always closed on Shabbat (Saturday).

5. Authentic Parisian dinner in classic 18th century apartment in Champs-Elysees

In the center of Champs Elysees, there is a magical 18th Century home, filled with tasteful ancient tapestries, woodworks and furniture, that is bound to leave you spellbound in its beauty. And then you will realise that it is actually a home, owned by an amazing chef, who will be serving you a 4 course French meal, complete with the entree, mains, cheese, wines and desserts. Her son, a tour guide, will show you around the house, and tell you interesting things about Paris. Reservations in advance only, so make your booking beforehand. 

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