BonAppetour Hosts: Amrita Singh

BonAppetour Hosts: Amrita Singh

Let's hear from our affable and knowledgeable host, Amrita!

Having a fond passion for food, Amrita is knowleageable about various aspects of Indian cuisine, starting from its preparation methods, diversity of ingredients used, flavours generated as well as the differences between regional variations of the dishes. Apart from cooking, she enjoys travelling and engaging in thrilling activities. 

Prior to settling down in Singapore, Amrita lived in India and Sydney with her husband. The genial couple is keen to share their experiences and knowledge about Indian culture and cuisine over a delightful rooftop meal at their lovely home!

What do you like most about being a BonAppetour host?

I get to meet lots of different people of varying nationalities, and share with them the intricacies of Indian cuisine. I enjoy having the opportunity to share my passion for food, and to serve an array of dishes from various regions within India. These dishes range from Southern delicacies, such as briyani rice and dosa, to Northern specialties like chapati and paneer. 

Where do the locals go to eat in Singapore?

Hawker centres. 

What are some places that locals like to hang out at?

Hawker centres and fine dining restaurants.

What do you feel is the difference between a BonAppetour dining experience, and dining outside in an eatery or restaurant?

The BonAppetour dining experience is unique, as you get to meet people from different parts of the world. It is not simply about dining – the experience also provides interesting and insightful conversations, cultural exchange and sharing of good food. Our guests get to learn more about the food that they are served, such as its origins, ingredients used and preparation techniques. Dining in a local's home also makes the experience more authentic. It helps that we offer a rooftop setting, so our guests get to feast on a hearty meal and enjoy splendid views of the city. 

Having a meal in an eatery or restaurant lacks the warmth and personal touch that a home dining experience offers. You are also unlikely to engage in conversations with other diners, and to acquire knowledge about the dishes that you eat. 

What do you love about Singapore?

The weather. It is bright and sunny in Singapore most of the time, which I find uplifting. Even in instances of weather, there is the prospect of seeing a rainbow after the rain ceases.

I also like that before sunset, the sky resembles a mosaic painting. Beyond the meteorological aspects, I like that Singapore is a multi-cultural society that is well-connected, efficient and clean. 

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