7 Miseries of Solo Travel

7 Miseries of Solo Travel

1. Table For One 

Experiencing that awkward moment of hearing the waiter shout across the restaurant: "Table for one!"  

2. Too Much Food

When you want to try different dishes, but cannot afford to order as many as you want to as there is no one else to share them with. 

3. Taking Photographs

A cure for the problem of being #foreveralone? A selfie stick. 

4. When you fall sick, you will not have any travel companions to look after you. 

5. Having a random, homeless passer-by hit on you.

"No I’m not interested – I'd like to read my map in peace."

6. Taking a solitary walk back to your hostel, filled with fears of getting mugged. Or knocked out, and left for dead by the roadside. Or being butchered up. 

7. At the end of the day, you come to the realisation that you do not have anyone to share your highlights of the day with. 

If you have checked off all seven points listed above, you are definitely a seasoned solo traveller! Cure your solo travelling woes by embarking on a social dining experience with BonAppetour. Having tasty, home-cooked meals is not the only plus point – you will also get to meet plenty of friendly locals! 

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