10 Bangkok Street Foods That You Need To Try

10 Bangkok Street Foods That You Need To Try.

1. Prata

The plain prata, drizzled with condensed milk and chocolate syrup, brings just the right amount of sweetness to your mouth. There is also other flavours of prata such as the banana prata sold among hundreds of prata stalls along the streets of Bangkok.

2. Tom Yum Goong

This signature Thai dish is filled with the quintessential spices such as lemograss, chilli, lime leaves, galangal and many more. This sweet, sour and spicy seafood soup will give a flavour burst in your mouth.

3. Pad Thai


Thai food uses a lot of spices and sauces and this dish is no exception. The chewy noodles are stir fried with chunks of tofu, beansprouts, eggs and flavoured with tamarind pulp and fish sauce. As saucy as the Bangkok weather.

4. Grilled squid


This is hard to resist as you stroll along the streets of Bangkok. Vendors fan these plump squids with their fans, tempting customers with their aroma. These char-grilled creatures are chewy and juicy. If you want an extra kick, dip it into the sweet and spicy sauce that always come with grilled squid.

5. Fried meat balls and sausages

Fried foods are always the essentials in any food markets or street stalls. The variaties of skewers can be shocking. Fish balls, meat balls, japanese chirage wrapped with seaweed, sausages, rolls of fish cakes in tofu skin etc. You name it, they have it.

6. Grilled sticky rice cake

The two sides of the sticky rice cakes gets caramelized and crispy after being grilled. Seasoned with just a little of salt and pepper, the rice cake is crunchy on the outside and sticky on the inside. Even better, some of them are little burnt on the sides.

7. Mango sticky rice

There is an abundance of mangoes in Thailand which resulted in this ingenious creation. Sweet ripe mangoes are paired with steaming sticky rice. A generous splash of sweet condensed milk is added to give the sweet milky taste. You can’t miss out this when you are in Bangkok.

8. Kanom Jeeb

Kanom Jeebs are Thai meat-based steamed dumplinngs. They may contain shrimps, shitake mushrooms, water chestnust or other fillings. Dip these delicious dumplings into some hot sauce or fried garlic sauce for an even better combination.

9. Hoy Tod


There is something that is better than oysters and that is Hoy Tod (oyster omelettes). Oysters are fried with eggs to make an omelette and the combination is to die for. Sometimes, fresh oysters are topped onto the omelette before serving. The oysters are so fresh and juicy that they are so hard to resist. Remeber to always dip them into the garlic chillic sauce that comes with it. The sauce and the omeletter go hand in hand and cannot be seperated.

10. Seafood

As you walk along any food markets in Bangkok, there is no shortage of seafood, be it raw or cook. Shells, clams, crabs, prawns squids can be pre cooked and sold in packets, If you fancy a seafood of your choice, you can pick fresh seafood and ask to cook in a way of your choice.

Over to you

When you are in Bangkok, check out our local hosts! They can whip up some really authentic dishes such as Tom Yum Goong, seafood, and mango sticky rice. Don’t miss out the chance for an authentic Thai home dining experience.

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