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Host Woi Kheng

$57.50 per guest

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Start time

Flexible but 9.30am is ideal


3 hours

Group size

1 - 5 people

Class language


Meeting point

The meeting point will always be at the lobby of the hotel that you are staying. That means once a booking and confirmation is made for a certain date I shall not be taking anymore guest for that day. The tour shall remain private for you only. Drop off at your hotel upon request. Price include transportation.


One of the better ways to have a memorable experience of a place is definitely by tasting some of its food.  Get to know Kuala Lumpur a little more intimately by joining the throngs of people who take to her streets and discover all the gourmet dishes that never fail to overwhelm every stranger or locals.

This tour has it all!  Enjoy the tastiest flavours Kuala Lumpur has to offer in a delicious mix of Malay, Chinese, and Indian cuisines - foods that reflect the three main cultures of Malaysia. It is an adventure to explore how the cultures in the Indian sub-continent and the Chinese from the mainland come together as one with the Malays in South East Asia.

Hawker markets, food courts, and coffee shops are aplenty where recipes are handed down many generations.  Some stalls sell a particular cuisine while others can be serving a combination of side dishes that compliments one another or come together as a specialty set.

In the tour, we weave through the maze of nooks, alleys, and streets offering exotic cuisines including stopping over at Fung Wong Biscuits, a 110 year old bakery with its freshly baked pastries and at another ever-popular egg tart, baking since 1893.

Also, take a glimpse as to why the younger generations and hipsters like the "nostalgic scene" of pre-war shophouses around Chinatown that is redeveloped into cafes.  These hidden cafes are some of the new concepts that are set up in Kuala Lumpur where locals like to chill-out.

Essentially, you shall be taken on a culinary adventure through the city’s history and eating culture.


The tour includes tasting of not less than 10 Malaysian food and beverages from at least 6 to 7 authentic venues.  Some portions may be small snacks while others could be regular-sized meals.  Do not worry about finishing every bite as it is only imperative to sample the flavours and gain an understanding of Malaysia’s food culture.

Dip crispy pieces of roti canai into curry, savour the succulent satay, dive into the best roast pork or char siew, sample steamy dumplings, work your chopsticks over the famous fried Hokkien mee. Try aromatic coconut pancake. Savour crusty and crispy apam balik, just to name a few.  Our various refreshing local tropical fruits will leave you feeling rejuvenated!

5 reasons why you need to book this tour:
Eat like the locals;
Taste delicious food from three cultures;
Blend in with the locals' everyday food place;
Learn about Malaysia’s cultural diversity;
It is a private food tour.

Why private tour?
A private tour gives you the benefit of being able to enjoy the tour at your own pace.
You will be met at your hotel rather than at a pre-arranged meeting point.
A private tour is easily customizable and simple to incorporate some extra sightseeing based on your interests.


We shall remain very much within the Kuala Lumpur city center. Areas like the former Little India, Chinatown and the British colonial area will be visited. Most of the time we shall be on foot to explore and occasionally using the public transport. I shall be meeting you at your hotel and we may need to take the public transport to the starting point to commence the walk.

Do this tour on your first or second day to get an idea on the various types of food that is available so that in your remaining stay you can further explore and indulge on your own. 

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Woi Kheng

Woi Kheng

Food, culture & history is One

I'm a Tourist Guide licensed by Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture of Malaysia. So stay merry!

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$57.50 per guest

Kuala Lumpur

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