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Japanese Dinner in a New York City Apartment

Host Lynn

$23.00 per guest


I am a huge fan of everything Japanese. I love the culture, the people, the country, the cuisine, Japanese film, and I also speak and read a bit of Japanese.

During my last visit to Japan, I went to Kappabashi (i.e., the 'Kitchen District') and bought all kinds of lacquerware to use in my home for when I make Japanese food. I'd love for you to allow me to cook you a Japanese meal, and serve it with my beautiful lacquerware.


For this meal we will have the following:

Mixed Greens Salad with Homemade Ginger/Sesame Dressing

Kinu/Silken Tofu with Wasabi, Tamari (gluten-free/low-sodium soy sauce) and Bonito (dried fish flakes)

Kabocha Squash Baked with Butter, Tamari and Maple Syrup

Cold Soba Noodles Served with Homemade Dipping Sauce, Chopped Scallion and Freshly-Ground Sesame Seed

For Dessert, I will have Green Tea Ice Cream with Red Bean Paste and Rice Crackers


The event will occur in my NYC-sized apartment (i.e., 'small' ;-) ...and which is located in Astoria, Queens. Queens as a whole is a very diverse borough of NYC, and in 2015 Queens was voted the # 1 travel destination in the US, by 'Lonely Planet'. My neighborhood of Astoria is known for its Greek, Egyptian and Brazilian populations, among others.

Astoria is located 25 minutes from the Upper East side of Manhattan via subway.

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I work for a large consulting firm in Manhattan, and my job requires me to be very professional and

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$23.00 per guest

New York

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