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True Taste of Singapore: D-I-Y Popiah and Hokkien Mee Experience in a Local Home

Host Janice

$68.78 per guest

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Start time

Everyday, 11am or 4pm. For more times, please message.


2-3 hours

Group size

2 - 8 people

Class language


Meeting point

In the heartlands of Singapore, near the Tampines area


Welcome to my humble abode in the heartlands of Singapore.

As a housewife, I enjoy cooking rustic meals for my family. In the last 20 years, I have gone through many recipes as chief cook for my household and while my meals are not fancy, they are hearty, nutritious and satisfying. I specialise in authentic Cantonese cuisine, and also enjoy preparing local Singaporean favourites.

In the Cantonese cooking, simplicity is everything, and there is rarely addition of too many ingredients, but each ingredient will bring out complementary flavours guaranteed to satiate your tastebuds. But for local dishes, we are looking for lots of flavour, and that is what you will get to taste.

Join me for a unique experience that showcases two popular Singaporean dishes and try your hand at preparing condiments for Popiah (Spring Rolls wrapped with braised vegetables and dried shrimp). We will be going through each component that makes up this seemingly simple dish, and you will soon find out there is more than meets the eye. And perhaps we can get into a little wok action for the Stir-fried Hokkien Mee (noodles stir-fried with prawn stock).

You will also get to sit down and enjoy a 3-course meal after the cooking is done, and I will also show you how to wrap your own Popiah like a local, complete with sweet sauce and my very own homemade chilli sauce.


We will be having a 3-course meal:
- D-I-Y Popiah
With filling made from braised jicama, carrots turnips and dried shrimp and served with condiments including fresh Popiah skin. lettuce, boiled eggs, sweet sauce, chilli sauce, peanuts

- Stir-fried Hokkien Mee
Noodles stir-fried with pork and prawns and braised with prawn broth which takes average 3 hours to steep.

- Dessert of the Day
Will prepare a local delight or sweet pastry to end off the experience

*The menu contains seafood and pork. If you have any dietary restrictions, kindly notify in advance.


I live in the heartlands of Singapore, where you can see a glimpse of the local lifestyle. I can also take you around my neighbourhood to show you local sights that make Singapore so unique.

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True-Blue Singaporean Chinese

I am a Singaporean with a passion for cooking. I've been cooking and catering since 2013. As a




from Singapore

I had an amazing experience here with Janice! I was really enjoyed this class coz her personality is so nice - very friendly and kind. The taste of her hokkien-mee was the best I've ever had!




We attended a cooking experience hosted by Janice. She provided a delicious spread of traditional dishes and told us her family's cherished secrets for the most delicious cooking outcomes. The fact that she included knowledge about Singapore's history and culture was a great benefit for us as tourists. We also appreciated how humble she approached the art of cooking as well her generous nature. What a sweet host!



Janice was very nice in accommodating and managing my booking. The chicken pasta bento turned out really nice as well and the team had a great lunch!



Janice is really passionate about food and delivers authentic Cantonese cuisine that you can't find anywhere else. Her chicken wings are so delectable and you definitely cannot stop at just one! Highly recommended!



Janice creates dishes that look simple but pack a whole lot of flavour. She is a friendly host and her experience in the food industry enabled us to learn many useful cooking tips. We look forward to more lessons from her!

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