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Japanese Home Cooking!

Host Moegi

$47.31 per guest


Do you want to learn Japanese home cooking? In Japan, it has been influenced by various countries, and there are abundant home cooking. I will teach Japanese home cooking that is easy and can be enjoyed in large numbers. Let's enjoy a meal time together across borders and words through the experience of cooking.
The place of the experience will be done at my house. We accepted people from more than 30 countries. There are many very tasty ingredients on the outskirts a little away from the city of Kyoto. A delicious experience for delicious meals.


You can choose one from the courses below.


1. Dumplings course(Gyoza)
Delicious cuisine with plenty of meat and vegetables inside. It is a home cooking loved by everyone from children to adults. It also fits well with sake, so it is popular among taverns and others. It is a popular dish at ramen shop.
If you make it with everyone and eat it, it will be a nice table.

2. Okonomiyaki course
(Can correspond to Non vegetarian / vegetarian / ** Muslim)
The meaning of the name "Okonomiyaki" means to bake in favorite things. Some people topple seafood, pork, Japanese "natto" to your liking. There are various okonomiyaki culture throughout the country, and each family has its own taste. Lots of Japanese enjoy the favorite okonomiyaki together, please touch Japanese culture.


All classes will be held at home in Kameoka city, Kyoto Prefecture. Kameoka is 20 minutes by train from Kyoto. It is famous for nature's agriculture. My house is a Japanese and Western-style building, and there is also a tatami room. I can spend a very relaxing time. Why do not you enjoy relaxing with the local people while enjoying the nature in Kyoto?

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enjoy special memories.

I love traveling and see many things around the world. I am interested in various cultures in the





Great experience! Friendly, welcoming, and willing to share about her family and travel. The gyoza came out great, despite our own poor folding abilities. Highly recommend. The train ride from Kyoto is also quite beautiful!

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$47.31 per guest


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