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Singapore's only edible BIRD'S NEST workshop

Host Jacky Tan

$55.21 per guest


Bird’s Nest is a 400-year-old age tested product of Chinese origin, known for its beauty benefits that help women rejuvenate and maintain smooth, radiant and youthful complexion. It is highly sought after for its nutritional benefits and is considered the Caviar of the East. Beyond being a powerful antioxidant and immunity booster, it is much loved for its anti-aging quality and body-strengthening effect.

Most often, the Bird’s Nest we buy is overpriced and of poor quality, and very often are chemically processed. The best Bird’s Nests are always those that are hand pick.

For the first time in Singapore, now learn the secrets of how to select and cook high-quality Bird’s Nest at home conveniently, quickly and affordably. Also, receive at the end of the workshop a box of 20g bird’s nest worth $68!

Learn the right process and skills from the industry expert, Jacky, the founder of Nesture Bird’s Nest. Nesture 100% Bird’s Nest is sourced from the abundant island of Sumatra, Indonesia. It is harvested from their own house nests, in an ideal environment. The founder of Nesture bird’s nest with the experience of 6 years in the bird’s nests business will join you and teach you all about the Edible Bird’s Nest, and how to make your own.



★ An introduction of the benefits of bird’s nest and what it is made of
★ Different types of bird’s nest and the difference in quality
★ How to differentiate between the good and the bad through seeing, touching and smelling
★ How not to be short changed when buying bird’s nest
★ The process and correct way cook a nice bowl of double boiled bird’s nest soup yourself


★ A box of 20g bird’s nest worth $68 to take home

Disclaimer: Bird's nest may cause an allergic reaction in some people. Please check your allergy status before purchasing this event.


This class will be held at Valley Point, 491 River Valley Road, #01-13, Singapore (248371).

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Jacky Tan

Jacky Tan

Invaluable health benefits

I am the founder of Nesture bird’s nest with 6 years experience in the bird’s nests business.

Join us!

$55.21 per guest


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