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Indian Cultural Exchange in Gracia

Host Saurabh

$48.82 per guest


I have been hosting friends for the past 7-8 years, however I decided to start hosting 6 months ago during summer of 2015.

The dining experience comprises not only home-cooked authentic indian food but interesting conversations as well right from cultural experiences, entrepreneurial stories, politics to anything under the sun. Unlike typical restaurants, we eat together as if we are eating with our friends. The items are mostly unlimited or in other words, given the availability of the dishes, we never charge anything extra for having more food.
Most importantly, when the guests visit us, we have never felt that we are meeting for the first time.
This is exemplary, that simply implies that both sides enjoy food as well as socializing aspect of it.
Look forward to many more such experiences through Bonappetour


I design the Menu based on the personal taste of the guests.
I do recommend dishes with explanation , however its our guest who chooses what he wants to eat. We provide three types of starters, a second course and dessert. A typical Menu could be like the following ( just for illustration)


Masala Dosa

A south Indian Crepe made with rice and 2-3 types of lentils. They are soaked, blended and left fo fermentation for at least 12 hours. The stuffing is mashed potato with south Indian spices which tastes great or it could be customized by replacing potatoes with minced chicken and spices

Lamb or Chicken Kebab/Hariyali Chicken Tikka

Minced Lamb or chicken is mixed with minced onions, ginger and garlic paste, fresh herbs, some chat masala and garam masal and cooked on slow heat, its juicy and so tasty/ Another option is choose Hariyali ( Green) chicken that is marinated with yogurt, mint and coriander leaves and other spices, another favourite of our clients

Tandoori Tofu/Rava Idli

Tofu marinated with ginger garlic paste, garam masala , coriander leaves , turmeric powder and lemon juice especially for Vegans /Another vegan dish but very tasty and healthy made with Semolina marinated with yogurt, it is then seasoned with lentils and spices, fresh herbs and cooked on vapour. We serve it with coconut chutney mmmmm


Chicken Kundapur with Hot Basmati Rice/Goan Fish Curry

Kundapur is a town in the coastal part of South of India, First a paste is made with toasted fenugreek seeds,coriander seeds and bay leaf together with tamarind water. The paste is stir fried along with onions and then coconut milk is added. Chicken is simmered slowly in this delicious curry / Goan fish curry has again the soft and silky taste of coconut milk along with several spices and herbs : A MUST TRY if you love fish



one of the delicious desserts of India made with vermicelli/lotus seeds or rice, dry fruits , cardamoms and condensed milk ‪


The location is fantastic, the beautiful Gracia. Gracia was a village and they have tried to maintain the ethos of it. You could find small bars, great restaurants as well as shops nearby. After the dinner with us, you could go out and hang out in the bar.
Our location is very central. We have access to three metro lines. L3 Fontana, L4 Joanic and FGC Gracia.

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Eat and socialize with us

Have been living in Barcelona for 8+ years. Explored the USA before leaving my country India in




from Barcelona

This was our first BonAppetour and we went on the recommendation of a friend. Saurabh and his family welcomed us into their Barcelona apartment and cooked us a lovely authentic Indian dinner. He used excellent ingredients and did everything from scratch. The food was delicious and 'clean' - like good home cooking should be. He was very attentive to my fears of spicy foods. This visit was for my husband's birthday and Saurabh took great care of us with some extra nice touches. This was the first time I had REAL indian home cooking. I'm a fan now!




from Seattle

An experience is worthwhile, if you come back and share it with your friends. You want them to have the same experience when they visit a new city.Eating with the [email protected] was one of the high points of our euro-trip. They have made it a very groovy experience altogether where, not only you get to tryout some of the top notch indian cuisine but also get to know barcelona from a local, 1:1. Now that for me is hitting a "home-run" as a tourist :). His insights into the indian culinary scene reflects in his flavorful concoctions. Very aromatic with right blend of spices, tender and succulent meat profile, a lingering aftertaste and a "good" time is how i would define my culinary experience at his place. 10/10,for the Mishras, Highly recommended!



from Bucharest

Warmth, flavour, delicious, inspiring....these are the words that come top of mind when I think of the dinners prepared by Saurabh that I attended when I was in Barcelona. Furthermore, I also had the opportunity to cook one of the dishes shared by Saurabh via Facebook (cauliflower wih potatoes). It was absolutely delicious; one of the best Indian dishes I have eaten until now. I often cook it when I feel like eating something tasty, full of flavours, slightly stir fried and healthy!! Highly recommend the dining experience with Saurabh and his family!!!

Guiomar Rodriguez

Guiomar Rodriguez

from Mexico City

If you love authentic Indian food, this is the place to go! You will not only enjoy delicious gourmet Indian food, you will also be able to interact with welcoming hosts who are passionate about their culture and food. I strongly recommend "Eat with the Mishras"... you will love it!

Morgan Witkin

Morgan Witkin

from Rome

I "Ate With The Mishras" a number of times when I was living in Barcelona. Not only was it some of the best and authentic Indian food I have had since moving to Europe, I can honestly say that they were some of the most enjoyable evenings I passed while in Spain. The Mishras are warm, welcoming, talented and kind. I would 100% recommend "Come Con Los Mishras" as a fantastic culinary and cultural experience!

Abby & Ferran

Abby & Ferran

from Barcelona

Love Indian food? You will rediscover and fall in love with it when you taste the gourmet meal that Saurabh will prepare for you. Forget about the typical Indian dishes you can eat at any restaurant. You will constantly try new ones (Saurabh follows the seasons) and will be left full and happy from the experience and the great hospitality Saurabh and his wife Puja will offer you. Fresh ingredients? Check. Flavourful authentic dishes? Check. Lovely, warm and welcoming hosts that make you feel at home? Check. Heartily recommend. We've been many times and we can't help going back. You'll go for lunch and want to stay for dinner. And breakfast. No, make it brunch. And dinner again. Go with your eyes closed, there won't be a thing you won't like.

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$48.82 per guest


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