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How it Works

Kim gave you $15 to feast.

BonAppetour is the best way to discover private home restaurants & eat with a local.

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Explore Unique Home Restaurants

1. Explore Unique Home Restaurants

Discover authentic local food dining experiences like a cosy dinner on the rooftop in Rome, or a Paella-making workshop in Barcelona.

Book a Dining Experience

2. Book a Dining Experience

Connect with home chefs, confirm dates, arrange for any dining preferences, and make payment through BonAppetour’s secured services.

Visit & Bon Appetit!

3. Visit & Bon Appetit!

Indulge yourself in authentic home-cooked food, make friends and have great fun. Bon Appetit!

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Create Your Menu

1. Create Your Menu

Create your dishes that you find most meaningful to you. Add photos & descriptions into your dining experience. Photos of guests savouring your meals around the dinner table help guests picture themselves feasting at your place.

Respond To Request

2. Respond To Request

After your dining experience has been approved, guests who like will book. Be sure to respond to requests by guests. Do seek inquiries of any special dietary requirements from them. Invite friends too so that they can help spread the word!

Welcome Your Guests.

3. Welcome Your Guests.

Once payment has been made, cook your awesome meal for the day of feasting. Add some love with a decorative table setting, refreshments or sharing of backstories.

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