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Exotic and Traditional Thai Cuisine only 5 mins drive from Don Mueang Airport

Host Nutjung

$36.23 per guest


As I have a lot of experience in Thai cuisine (passion, blogging, food reviews, etc.), I can make the dishes and desserts of your request if it doesn't require too much time and the ingredients are not too hard to find. I used only the finest ingredients as I believe it makes a lot of difference in cooking!


Truly traditional Thai dishes (almost impossible to find nowadays) and Thai desserts are my speciality.
You could describe me the food you'd like to try and I can show you some photos (from my blog) and brief descriptions about the dishes.

For example the photos you see here is of a traditional Thai dish used to be consumed only by Thai royalty is called kanom jean sao nam (even some locals haven't heard of). It is rice noodle that goes with condiments (you can put however you like it) such as dried shrimps, pineapples, coconut milk with fish cakes, eggs, sweet syrup, garlic, lime and chilli. This dish is packed with every flavours!

You'll also have Thai dessert (you can request)


We live very near Don Mueang Airport (5 minutes drive which we can arrange to pick you up) so you could conveniently come by our lovely home for a truly fun and authentic Thai cuisine experience!

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I run an architect consultant. By passion, I love cooking and I am a Thai food blogger who has a




from Bangkok Thailand

Not only is Nut food blogger with a huge following, she also has the passion and patience to come up with the best recipes she shares with her facebook fanpage! Before we came we picked the dishes we'd like to try which are more unique. As a Thai myself I have never had this dish- kanom jeen sao nam a noodle Thai dish enjoyed by royal people in the past. At first it looked new to me but after I had it, the flavours were unique and refreshingly delicious! The garlic, coconut gracy, sweet sauce, dried shrimp and the pineapple pieces go really well with the noodle! Her husband, who is very friendly has also kindly offered to take us around on his bike and take us to explore the hidden gems nearby their home!

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$36.23 per guest

Bangkok Thailand

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