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Natural Khmer Dining

Host Koala

$34.50 per guest


Enjoy our delicious Khmer food on a private dinning in Khmer Nature (the best place that is full of a natural environment). We have many kinds of Khmer food for you so that you can have a wonderful experience in cooking Khmer food as well as having a good time with us. It would be my pleasure to cook and share my Culture with you.

There have many kind of Khmer food to let you taste. Some of the food can be the same taste even if the ingredients are slightly different. If you have any meat preferences, you can always tell us!

These are many kinds of traditional Khmer food that can be made easily from traditional ingredients. The price is up to how many kinds of food you want us to serve.

For example:
Dining In Khmer Nature ( 3 Dishes ) 15$
Dining In Khmer Nature ( 5 Dishes Including Khmer soup ) 25$

Below 4 people, you can order the small dish that is $3 per dish
For 5 people and above, you can order a bigger dish that is $5 per dish.

Here are just some kinds of Khmer Food we can serve. They're called:
-Som lor Maju krerng
-Som lor Ko Kor
-Som lor Maju Prei
-Som lor Nam yar, Som lor Khmer (Rice Noodle)
-Char kdarv
-Tek krerng
-Soup (beef)
-Phnom plerng (Beef)
- Trey Doth (Fish)
-Pose kor tek Brohok (beef)

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I live in Phnom Penh, Cambodia . You can join us to cook as a family, having dinner together and

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$34.50 per guest

Phnom Penh

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