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A choice of authentic Japanese cooking classes in Tokyo!

Host Michie

$80.50 per guest


Join me for a rewarding adventure in a private kitchen, where you will learn to prepare some simple Japanese dishes and get to experience our unique culture first hand. I offer you an opportunity to learn and prepare traditional home dishes in a convenient and central location in town. We also offer ingredient-shopping tours to food markets and interesting shops.

I promise you a fun and intimate cooking and dining experience, warm hospitality, and great memories to take home.


Please choose between the following cooking courses in Tokyo:

Japanese Home Cooking Course

The basis of home-style Japanese cuisine centers around two things:

(1) seasonality
(2) balance

Traditionally, home-style cooking will feature “Ichijyu-sansai” (一汁三菜) , which translates to one soup and three dishes. This course will teach participants to cook one main dish, two side dishes and miso soup.

Sushi Course
If you love sushi, why not consider to learn to make it yourself? Tokyo Sakura Kitchen offers a unique sushi course for you! For the sushi course you may do either:

Maki and Temari course
Maki sushi is sushi rolled by hand, wrapped with a large piece of nori (seaweed), using the makisu (bamboo rolling mat). Temari sushi is a very cute sushi with fresh fish covering a golf ball-sized round rice ball. This course features fresh and popular ingredients such as lean tuna (maguro), salmon, and shrimp to make the maki and temari sushi. We make 1 traditional Maki roll (or 2 thin Maki rolls) and 5 Temari-style sushi in the class.


Chirashi course 
Chirashi is a sushi rice dish decorated with a selection of fish and other complimentary ingredients. Traditionally, given its colorful and beautiful appearance, it is served on March 3rd to celebrate the Hinamatsuri (an annual festival dedicated to girls).

And the final course you can take:

Nabe party course

Nabe (Japanese-style hot pot) is a beloved and popular eating style enjoyed by local people. There are many varieties of nabe: Shabu-shabu, Sukiyaki, Yosenabe, and Tarachiri, etc. Please let us know what ingredients you would like to use and we can decide which nabe style is perfect for you. A vegetarian version is also available.

Sample Menu:
Shabu shabu: Thinly-sliced beef in hot soup accompanied by a selection of vegetables and other ingredients

Sukiyaki: Thinly-sliced beef traditionally cooked in an iron hotplate along with yakidofu (grilled tofu) and shungiku (a herb specific to Japan), as well as other ingredients.

Yosenabe: A variety of meat, fish and vegetables in hot pot

Tarachiri: Hot pot cooked with mainly Japanese cod (Tara)

Yudoufu: Hot pot cooked mainly with tofu


I am conveniently located in Takanawa area in Minato Ward, a central location in the heart of Tokyo. Our closest station is Sengakuji station and we are located just 3 minutes walk from the station. We are also close to Shinagawa station, a major hub in Tokyo.

Sengakuji is also a place with historical significance, as the Soto Zen Buddhist temple is a famous sightseeing destination. Why not pair a session at Tokyo Sakura Kitchen with a visit to Sengakuji ?

A little about Sengakuji: Story of Forty-seven Ronin

Sengakuji(泉岳寺) station is named after the famous Sengakuji Temple, a place of historical interest. The Sōtō Zen Buddhist temple houses the graves of Asano Takumi no Kami Naganori and the Forty-seven Ronin (samurai), famously depicted in the stories of Chūshingura(忠臣蔵).The stories tell the heroic mission of the Forty-seven Ronin to avenge the death of their master, Asano Naganori, and is actively portrayed in kabuki, bunraku, stage plays, films, novels, and television shows. Their graves at Sengakuji are a popular pilgrimage for visitors. Every year, a festival is held on December 14th, the day of their anniversary, and many people still visit today.

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$80.50 per guest


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