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Japanese Tea Ceremony & Sweets making

Host Waki

$64.40 per guest


The Japanese Tea Ceremony, also known as Chado, is more than 400 years old and is based on Japanese spirit of hospitality. The tea ceremony does not just comprise of the way the tea is served or drank, but also the entire ambiance, fine arts, craftwork, flower arrangement, architecture, landscape gardening, cooking and others. The Japanese consider the tea ceremony to be something that trains one's etiquette and mental strength, and this is what I want to portray to you.

In this experience, we will learn how to make tea and how to drink tea in a formal and traditional way. After an introduction to the tea ceremony, we will teach you how to enjoy the Japanese tea together with Japanese confectionery and sweets.

Traditional Japanese confectionery is called Wagashi, and is served with tea. Wagashi is made of rice-cake, bean paste, and fruits, expressing the seasons we are in. You will learn the characteristics of ingredients in the Wagashi, and make 2 pieces of it. You can take back home one of it as a souvenir.


We are present near TOYOSU Station ,7min. from Ginza-1chome(by subway),and 10min. from Tsukiji Market.

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I am Kaz. I love to cook not only Japanese traditional and popular food but also

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$64.40 per guest


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